Mind Capsules – Inhuman #11 and Aquaman #38

Inhuman #11
Inhuman #11

Writer – Charles Soule
Artist – Ryan Stegman
Colours – Richard Isanove

Reader and Xiaoyi, or Iso, are still on the run from Ennilux because if they catch her, they will wipe her mind and replace it with that of their leader, something that is less than desirable.  On the other side of the world, Medusa, now with her personality back to its original state and no longer inverted, finds her lonely, overburdened an on somewhat of a date.  She has a lot on her mind and no one with which to talk about it all.  All things must come to an end and when Reader and Xiaoyi end up in Attilan, it is time for Medusa to become a queen once again.  Some of these new Inhumans, specifically Reader and Xiaoyi from the other Inhuman community are becoming quite interesting, particularly Reader whose power is a familiar one with a new spin.  Their fight and flight from Ennilux is exciting and it promises to be even more so when they reach Attilan and beg for Asylum.  With a huge cliff-hanger, next issue is going to be one to watch.  The best story of the book though, was simply seeing Medusa let her guard down and talk about the rigors or her job and how hard it is to be ‘on’ all the time.  It is a fascinating look at the life of one on the throne, whose kingdom has been thrown into chaos and how everything she knows, all of the familiar, is now different.  One question still remains and that is just where did Ennilux come from and how has there been another secret society of Inhumans on Earth and we have never heard of them before.  Staying a secret must be their specialty.  With some great drama, some swift action and some really incredible artwork from the talented Ryan Stegman, Inhumans keeps rolling along as one of Marvel’s most underappreciated books.

4 out of 5

Aquaman #38
Aquaman #38

Writer – Jeff Parker
Artist – Paul Pelletier
Inker – Sean Parsons, Sandra Hope
Colours – Rain Beredo

It was immediately apparent last issue that it seemed like Grodd would get the upper hand, but not so!  Mera proves she is every bit as wily and had switched the keystones so that Grodd now finds himself in the endless Labyrinth of ancient Greece.  But the quest for Atlanna is still on and so our heroes follow another keystone and then come to another gate where they must battle giant stone men who bar the way to possibly, their final destination.  Jeff Parker has been killing it lately on the books he writes and Aquaman is no exception as he keeps on giving the sea-king many interesting obstacles to overcome.  What would really be nice to see come the moment he finds his mother, instead of the eventual battle that is almost guaranteed to take place, she simply recognizes her son and then they go hug it out while she relates her story.  That of course will not happen, but it would be great to see Parker buck the trend.  Parker does introduce a very intriguing concept of those Atlantean gateways and how they were probably supposed to be so much more, yet for whatever reason, Atlantis sinking for one, they never reached their full potential.  One of the better things about this book at the moment is that it does not follow the same pattern as most superhero books featuring a villain of the week and whatnot, instead Parker sends Aquaman out on adventures and quests which is a much more interesting formula.  Sure, there are still villains every now and then, but they are not present all of the time.  Sometimes the situation is much more interesting and Parker has been proving that.  Paul Pelletier provides some strong pencils and with an ending that is fairly exciting, you will definitely want to come back for more.

3.5 out of 5

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