Issue by Issue – The Warlord #57


Writer – Mike Grell, Sharon Wright, Paul Kupperberg
Artist – Mark Texeira, Jan Duursema
Inker – Pablo Marcos, Jan Duursema
Colours – Adrienne Roy, Tatjana Wood
Letters – John Costanza, Phil Felix

Having been captured at the end of last issue, Travis Morgan is now a prisoner like The Man in the Iron Mask, while his double wanders the palace impersonating him.  There is literally nothing he can do as this stranger has completely invaded his life, but there are things the stranger does not know and has already slipped up in front of Tara and if not careful, will soon get himself caught.  Mike Grell delivers an interesting turn of events with this issue, finding our hero incapacitated like never before, something the book has never seen.  While it is quite interesting to see him as such, it will be even more so when Morgan gets free as perhaps these people did not realize exactly who it was they had as their captive.  It is a little funny how Tara has been fooled so far; though it is probable that being caught up with her new houseguest has her too preoccupied to notice.  The little boy Tinder, who was introduced in the last book and is now working as a thief is still running around and getting himself into a little trouble.  How this plays out and if it will intersect with the main storyline is not yet known, though it can only be surmised that it will.  Of course, the book has a backup story and it is still the very excellent Arion, Lord of Atlantis that graces its pages.  It would be nice if this title could return to feature-length stories at some point as the amount of Warlord we get in one issue is just not enough.  Still, it is a good book with great writing from Mike Grell and wonderful art from the ever-dependable Mark Texeira.

3.5 out of 5

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