Mind Capsules – Guardians of the Galaxy #23 and Dark Gods #3

Guardians of the Galaxy #23
Guardians of the Galaxy #23

Writer – Brian Michael Bendis
Artist – Valerio Schiti
Colours – Jason Keith

The finale of Flash Thompson’s little tale, the one that has had the team battling his symbiote finally comes to an end as they reach the symbiote home world.  Turns out, they are not the murderous, sociopathic aliens that everyone thinks they are.  They just want to live in peace, though in a symbiotic relationship with other people of course.  Not so bad as all that it seems.  This was definitely not the ending that was expected, though it is better than being predictable but really, it just sort of seemed to fizzle out.  It is hard to say exactly what was going to happen going into this storyline, Brian Michael Bendis holds those cards close to his chest more often than not, but overall, the Planet of the Symbiotes has been somewhat disappointing.  The action, of what there was, was repetitive and boring, the whole setup was something we had seen many times over across the years with the symbiote losing control and so on and the whole arc just felt like it was a fill-in by another author until Bendis, the real one, came back.  Sadly though, the last few arcs in this book have been like that, even the one in the Cancerverse which was one of his best to date.  You can tell by the way Bendis writes the characters and their dialogue that he understands them; it is simply the scenarios that they find themselves in that are lacklustre.  Picking this book up now is more like habit than anything else.  Where is the excitement, the wanting and needing to get this book each and every month?  Coming off of the movie, this book should have been firing on all cylinders and it was not, and is still not doing so.  Up next is The Black Vortex crossover, which looks and sounds really good, and hopefully after that, the Guardians will get back on track with some great extraterrestrial adventures.

3 out of 5

Dark Gods #3
Dark Gods #3

Writer – Justin Jordan
Artist – German Erramouspe, Michael DiPascale
Colours – Digikore Studios

The insanity that is Dark Gods continues with Justin Jordan taking our heroes inside of a house that is ruled by chaos.  Up is down, left is right and so on as they try to make their way through to stop a madman.  Yet, as most of them die trying and they eventually reach their destination, they find that it is just a little bit too late.  Three issues in and you can safely say that you never know what you are going to get when you read this book.  Being an Avatar book, there is the quintessential gore and nudity, though not so prevalent as you might think and of course that undercurrent of horror, especially in such a setting as this.  Exactly what the villains are planning has not really been made abundantly clear at this point in time, which is the biggest weakness of the book as without that, this situation seems a little meaningless.  That aside, it is suspenseful and action-packed.  The artwork is good and does what it needs to do, but it would be nice to see just a little variety on Avatar’s titles as there is a definite ‘house’ style and this fits right in there with it.  It is not bad, nor is it boring, it is simply more of the same that we see all the time on their titles.  Jordan’s writing is sharp and to the point and the book flies by and you are done before you know it.  So far it has been a pretty decent book, but it can be a lot more.

3 out of 5

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