Mind Capsules – Millennium #1 and Scarlet Spiders #3

Millennium #1
Millennium #1

Writer – Joe Harris
Artist – Colin Lorimer
Colours – Joana Lafuente

You never know what you are missing until it is gone and such is the case with Millennium, a show that was perhaps ahead of its time and too harsh for the general viewing public when it aired on network TV.  So after a format change, what viewers there were lost interest and the show was cancelled.  The story of Frank Black would then wrap up in The X-Files and would then fade away into television history.  Now, thanks to IDW and writer Joe Harris, Frank Black and Millennium are back with an all-new tale that finds our hero essentially living off the grid but still investigating those things that escape the notice of everyday law enforcement.  Many years have past, Franks daughter has left him, unable to deal with what his life has become and he finds himself alone yet still receiving the visions that have plagued him all his life.  When a serial killer is released from prison against Agent Mulder’s recommendation, it brings him into a confrontation with Frank as they both know that something bigger is happening, something that neither may be able to explain.  This comic is another example of a property making a successful leap from screen to page with it looking, sounding and feeling exactly like it did when it first aired.  Colin Lorimer’s pencils are a perfect fit and appropriately moody for the book, but it is Harris who really gives it life with his excellent script and his spot on dialogue.  So far the book is off to a good start with a mystery that hooks you in and with both Frank and Mulder on the scene, you find yourself chomping at the bit for the next issue to come out.

4 out of 5

Scarlet Spiders #3
Scarlet Spiders #3

Writer – Mike Costa
Artist – Paco Diaz
Colours – Israel Silva

Kaine, the Scarlet Spider, Ben Reilly and Black Widow from the Ultimate Universe were sent to find the clone factories of the Inheritors and to put a stop to them however they could.  Now they find themselves in a pitched battle with Jennix, a case of clones versus clone and there can only be one winner as the fate of all the Spiders rests in their hands.  The third and final issue of Scarlet Spiders wraps up their little Spider-Verse tale with one hero making the ultimate sacrifice and it was surprisingly poignant seeing him do so.  Mike Costa delivers a fairly moving tale of our underdogs as they fight for their lives.  The book is also peppered with a lot of snappy dialogue, a lot of humour and a lot of quips as it is a Spider-Man book and these are his clones, so it would make sense to see it in here even in the face of mortal danger.  The biggest challenge this book had was making the reader care about these three characters, specifically Kaine and Ben who have never really garnered very much love from the public, but with this series, Costa makes you a believer, makes you like these two heroes despite their complicated and checkered history and even makes you want to read more about them, which is the most surprising thing.  There is quite a bit of action, as it is mostly just one big fight from cover to cover with the drama is as high as the stakes.  With some great art form Paco Diaz to top it off, the book is a very solid read.

4 out of 5

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