Mind Capsules – Grayson #6 and Rai #6

Grayson #6
Grayson #6

Writer – Tim Seeley, Tom King
Artist – Mikel Janin
Colours – Jeremy Cox

Dick and Helena are in search of Paragon’s Brain when Midnighter shows up and abducts Dick, taking him to the God Garden.  The God Garden is a place that is able to remove or install various tech, like the hypnos that all Spyral agents use including Dick’s, making it possible for Midnighter to even the playing field and hopefully beat him where he failed before.  Meanwhile, Helena is discovering that The Fist of Cain has Paragon’s Brain and is ready to commit a terrorist act in Israel.  The Bat-family’s most unexpected title delivers another solid and exciting issue courtesy of Tim Seeley, Tom King and Mikel Janin.  While most of Wildstorm’s characters have rarely been used or when they have, used incorrectly, Seeley and King know exactly what to do with Midnighter.  It is a bit of a shame that he seems to be a little depowered compared to what he used to be able to do, but it is great to see him in action in at least one form or another.  The mystery of Spyral deepens as does that of Mr. Minos and his involvement with something called The Spyder.  Whatever it is, it does not look to be anything that can be considered good.  Perhaps this is the reason Dick has gone undercover in the organization, though that has yet to be revealed.  Another plus to the book overall which is also present in this issue, is the relationship between Helena and Dick.  The two are a perfect fit for each other in more ways than one and it is the banter between the two, among other things that makes it so fun to read them on their adventures.  With stunning artwork and a continuing mystery that keeps you coming back for more, Grayson continues to be one of DC’s best books being published right now.

4 out of 5

Rai #6
Rai #6

Writer – Matt Kindt
Artist – Clayton Crain

Various forces continue to conspire and plot against Father and New Japan itself with Rai counting himself among them.  The bulk of the populace have no idea what is going on around them, simply content to live their lives the way they have always known them to be, but Rai, being made aware of the truth of things, is not happy and aims to do something about it.  He cannot do it alone though and so is working with Spylocke and other forces, including a new alliance with Momo, a Positronic and Izak, a member of an alien race captured, experimented and bred to create whatever Father saw fit.  Together, they plan to bring down New Japan and Father, though saying they will do so is easier than doing.  Six issues in and Rai continues to be a fantastic look at the future of the Valiant universe.  It does make you wonder when future iterations of their most famous characters might make an appearance, but if Valiant and Matt Kindt are smart, they will keep them out of the book and let this story play out naturally without any obligatory cameos.  What is most interesting in this book is watching how the various characters have started to become aware.  It is not only of themselves that they are discovering, but of their situation and of New Japan’s history and of what Father has been doing to keep it as peaceful as it seems.  So far, the book has been moving along at a brisk pace, has been a joy to read and does not look to be stopping.  Clayton Crain’s digital pencils are absolutely beautiful and a perfect fit for this science-fiction tale of corruption and coupled with Kindt’s scripts, this title is a solid win for Valiant and the reader.

4 out of 5

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