Mind Capsules – Star Wars #1 and The New 52 Futures End #37

Star Wars #1
Star Wars #1

Writer – Jason Aaron
Artist – John Cassaday
Colours – Laura Martin

Not jumping, but falling head first onto the bandwagon it was decided to give this title a shot.  Surprisingly, it was pretty good, delivering a story with a fair amount of action and one that finds the characters that everyone knows and loves quite true to themselves thanks to Jason Aaron’s great characterization and script.  Aaron’s tale begins with the Rebels invading a weapons factory on a moon occupied and run by the Empire.  Going in under the guise of traders, Han Solo is pretending to be Jabba the Hutt’s agent, here to negotiate with the Empire’s agent and not knowing that it is Darth Vader.  Once they realize that, the plans change and then even further so when they trip the alarm.  Reading this comic was like watching a part of the film that we had never seen before, like a scene that was cut and now come to light.  For that fact alone, this comic gets a pass as it was a whole lot of fun to see Luke and Leia and everyone again in their prime which can also be attested to John Cassaday’s excellent pencils.  Now Dark Horse has been putting out many successful Star Wars comics for a very long time and when the baton was passed back to Marvel, there were doubts about the quality of the books and that is putting it very lightly.  But with this issue, it can be said that Marvel has a hit on their hands, and that is not factoring in the amount of issues ordered by comic stores either.  Aaron has started a very fun, adventurous and action packed story that should quiet all naysayers.  Sure, it is sad that Dark Horse lost the licence, especially after doing such an exemplary job with it, but for fans of the movies and fans of the comics, there will, at least for the foreseeable future, still be a book they can pick up each and every month.

4 out of 5

The New 52 Futures End #37
The New 52 Futures End #37

Writer – Brian Azzarello, Jeff Lemire, Dan Jurgens, Keith Giffen
Artist – Aaron Lopresti
Inker – Art Thibert, Dan Green, Wayne Faucher
Colours – Hi-Fi

With this issue we finally find out why Amethyst hates Constantine and possibly the key to saving Frankenstein’s life.  Meanwhile Firestorm tries to transform futilely back to human form as Mercy takes down Fifty Sue, Superman does some more talking and wallowing which is all just a bit boring and has gone on for something like twenty issues too long and the book is then left on a cliff-hanger with future Joker/Batman.  All in all this was a fairly standard issue of the series that did little to accomplish anything or move the story forward whatsoever, but it was a little bit more interesting than most with the inclusion of the Gemworld story and just what happened between Constantine and Amaya.  The Fifty Sue plot was getting quite interesting for a while but is starting to grind to a halt by the looks of it which is a real shame.  The story involving Constantine and Superman is as boring as it can possibly get and is so monotonous and dreary it practically leeches the fun out of the rest of the book.  When this title is going to get its act in gear is anyone’s guess, but more than likely it will not happen until the last few issues making everyone who read this book wish they had not.  Please start doing something with this book DC while you still have time!

2.5 out of 5

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