Mind Capsules – Nailbiter #9 and Spider-Man 2099 #7

Nailbiter #9
Nailbiter #9

Writer – Joshua Williamson
Artist – Mike Henderson
Colours – Adam Guzowski

Buckaroo corrupts.  Everyone thinks so.  Those who live without its borders know it, and its known especially by those who live within them.  How else do you produce sixteen of the world’s most brutal serial killers?  Mister Crowe the school bus driver understands this and he aims to do something about it.  Meanwhile, Finch is still dealing with the beekeeper and trying not to die, but when he finally gets help, of course, things are not as he left them.  This issue was interesting for a couple of reasons, one of them being the revelation that there is someone who even the killers are afraid of, that there is a higher power at work and that our heroes might be in over their heads.  The second sees various townspeople taking things into their own hands, namely Father Fairgold and Mister Crowe.  The town has a sordid history and they, along with many others in the area are getting a little tired of it, not to mention never knowing if you are going to be a victim at some point.  This grisly portrait by Joshua Williamson and Mike Henderson continues to thrill and excite as the mysteries deepen with every passing issue.  There are questions that arise with every book, the latest having us wondering who was in the house with old-man beekeeper and why was he so afraid?  By the sounds of it, the old man was a killer himself and for him in turn to be afraid of someone else, it had to be someone quite formidable.  Father Fairgold perhaps?  Everything is speculation at this point as Williamson and company are keeping all of the answers close to the chest, dragging us along from one issue to the next, almost as bad as the killers themselves as they torment us.  We love it all the same though.  Another win for the Nailbiter crew.

4 out of 5

Spider-Man 2099 #7
Spider-Man 2099 #7

Writer – Peter David
Artist – Will Sliney
Colours – Antonio Fabela

Another tie-in to Spider-Verse finds our hero looking to dissect the corpse of Daemos, one of the Inheritors whom they managed to kill, though with this particular group of people, having endless clones to move their consciousness into, there really is no killing them or even hope of defeating them.  Maybe.  They also have to contend with holding Daemos in a prison of sorts which is easier said than done.  This was another fun issue by Peter David that sees a little bit of action, a bit of confrontation and even a guest appearance by the Punisher of 2099.  It was a little bittersweet seeing the Punisher as it makes you think back to all of the other characters we no longer get to read about, should you have been reading them when they were published.  While it is great to see Spidey taking part in all of the Spider-Verse fun, it would be nice to see him go back and do his own thing.  The first couple issues of the series set up a couple of good plotlines with his sick neighbour and his boss and they were quite interesting but have been seemingly lost along the way.  The ‘neighbour next door’ plot most of all because it also seemed to hold a promise of a romantic entanglement which would have been good for the book.  While it is also good to see Miguel back on his home turf, it was a lot more fun seeing him as a fish out of water back in the present.  Spider-Man 2099 is a good book, but one that just needs to get back on track once the crossover is done.

3.5 out of 5

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