Mind Capsules – Legendary Star-Lord #7 and Men of Wrath #4

Legendary Star-Lord #7
Legendary Star-Lord #7

Writer – Sam Humphries
Artist – Freddie Williams
Colorus – David Curiel

So, it was revealed last issue that Star-Lord’s dad is actually Mister Knife, the bad guy that has been giving our hero grief ever since the first issue.  In related news, Peter now finds himself locked up as well and about to be brainwashed by his dear old dad, that is until Kitty Pryde decides to break him out and save the day.  This issue has everything in it from comedy to drama to action and whatever else Sam Humphries is able to throw in.  Kitty and Peter make a great couple and is one of the smartest things that Bendis and Humprhies have done with the characters.  They have great chemistry and they seem to click on every subject, and Kitty even braved her fear of space to go and rescue him.  That also leads into the great characterization that was present with this issue as we see J’son becoming more and more unhinged, a little megalomaniacal, or at least more than he was, yet still in control of everything around him.  Except his son that is.  It looks as if things are really gearing up for the Black Vortex crossover with this issue as we see the reasoning behind finding the mirror, if that is all there is to it, and J’son’s plans for Spartax being made apparent.  This book has been getting better and better with every passing issue, with a great mix of science-fiction action and humour to really give the book a distinct feel from Marvel’s other action-humour titles like Iron Man, Ant-Man, Spider-Man and so on.  All that is needed is the Guardians title to raise itself up to this level of storytelling, than everything would be perfect in the Marvel Cosmic Universe.

4 out of 5

Men of Wrath #4
Men of Wrath #4

Writer – Jason Aaron
Artist – Ron Garney
Colours – Matt Milla

Jason Aaron and Ron Garney’s story about a family gone wrong continues with the son now trying to kill the father.  At first, Ira was out to kill his son Ruben, part of a contract to which he had no qualms in taking.  Now Ruben is taking the fight to his dad, something he does not want to do, but if he and his pregnant girlfriend are to survive, than he has to do this no matter what.  Many people hate their families, which they realize later in life were for inane reasons.  Ruben has cause to hate his family as they have caused nothing but grief and death for many people over the years and it is just going to continue unless he puts a stop to it.  Aaron and Garney have painted a picture of a family that has no redeeming qualities.  They are mean, violent and sociopathic at the very least, yet it is for those very same reasons that we as readers keep coming back.  Aaron’s dialogue is perfect and Ron Garney’s pencils compliment the script, creating a book that looks beautiful despite the ugliness within it.  There is an excitement when Ruben comes face to face with Ira as you have no idea how the scene is going to play out.  The outcome is surprising and the cliff-hanger that the book is left on is even more unexpected.  It could go one way or it could go another, or it could ensure that the Wrath family legacy continues on, but what is sure is that you will be coming back for the next issue.  This book has been a fantastic read with every issue and with one of the strongest endings of the last few months, the anticipation for the next book is going to be unbearable.

4.5 out of 5

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