Issue by Issue – The Warlord #52


Writer – Mike Grell, Sharon Wright, Paul Levitz
Artist – Mike Grell, Tom Yeates
Inker – Rodin Rodriguez, Tom Yeates
Colours – Adrienne Roy, Jerry Serpe
Letters – Ben Oda, Shelly Leferman

The fallout from the events of issue #50 start here and it finds Morgan trying to get back to Tara and his daughter.  But as with everything in Skartaris, nothing is ever easy and Morgan gets turned around in his travels, not being used to the ‘sun’ that hangs in the ever-present daytime of this hidden world, especially so far north where he finds himself.  This issue took an interesting turn as Mike Grell returned Morgan back to the world above, a place he had no interest in returning to and yet finds himself there anyway.  Not only that, but as soon as he does make his way there, he finds himself under attack.  Not exactly the friendliest of welcomes.  With Morgan being gone so long, Tara is a little peeved, but also worried as she is tired of Morgan taking off for so long as well as being without him and she vows never to be as such again, so what else is there to do but follow him and hope everything is all right.  What will make this storyline even better is having Tara go to the surface world to see how she reacts.  We have seen Morgan there a number of times now, and while it is always interesting, having someone go there who has never seen the stars or anything of the sort would be quite a bit of fun.  One thing this issue was lacking was Mariah and Machiste and had very little Shakira, so that was a shame, but other than that it was a top-notch book.

3.5 out of 5

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