Issue by Issue – All-Star Squadron #30

All-Star_Squadron_Vol_1_30Writer – Roy Thomas
Penciler – Jerry Ordway, Mike Machlan
Inker – Mike Machlan, Sam De La Rosa
Colours – Gene D’Angelo
Letterer – David Cody Weiss

The Squadron is off for the moment and only chairperson Liberty Belle is at work doing what needs to be done before the next meeting is called.  Thankfully Wonder Woman stops by as she also needs a quiet place to do some paperwork so now she can keep Belle company.  What follows is a tale of the Justice Society going up against the Black Dragon Society and putting a stop to their evil machinations.  At this point in the series, the team, whether the Squadron or the JSA, have faced the Nazis multiple times as well as numerous superhuman threats, so it was only a matter of time before they went up against the Japanese and addressed, albeit slightly, the injustice that was done against them during the Second World War.  Roy Thomas and company create a fairly action-heavy book that keeps it motoring along at a good pace as well as throwing in a little bit of mystery for our heroes to follow in their quest.  It is interesting to find that Wonder Woman is the Justice Society’s secretary for the simple fact that she can write faster than anyone can type due to her powers.  Why that should matter or immediately qualify her for that position is ridiculous, and even if she volunteered, it just seems like a completely inane reason to do so.  In an otherwise good issue, this was the weakest spot.  Another point of contention is having the Squad take a back seat in their book once again.  The JSA is great, sporting some of the best characters that DC has to offer, but either merge the two teams or spin the Society off into their own title so that the regulars get a chance to shine.  Obviously it is a little late for that, but the point is to bring back the original cast, those who the book was created for.

4 out of 5

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