Mind Capsules – Rot & Ruin #4 and Wytches #3

Rot & Ruin #4
Rot & Ruin #4

Writer – Jonathan Maberry
Artist – Tony Vargas
Colours – Oliver Lee Arce

The horror perpetuated by Farmer John continues as he wants Benny and the gang to join his operation.  The boys can do as they see fit, but the girls will become part of his herd of heifers, tasked with repopulating the Earth.  There are many great comic book villains that have been created over the years and with Farmer John, Jonathan Maberry can be credited with adding to that list.  The man is highly despicable and thoroughly evil, even though he might think himself to the contrary.  This particular issue while not as thoughtful as the last, deals with the fallout of the revelation and the situation the kids find themselves in and thus contains a lot more action because of it.  So while the kids fight, and a couple get away, Chong is caught and Lilah decides to fight which does not end very well for either one of them.  Lilah is a great character, strong of body and mind, but she is no match for Farmer John, especially when he is willing to do whatever it takes to protect his way of life.  There are a few more little bits of information that come to light about the man, like what he does to the children who do not come out perfect, as well as what he does to traitors and the like as evidenced by the scarecrow in the field.  Though the series started out as your average zombie book-of-the-month, it is grateful to see that it has transformed into a tale more about survival, whether against zombies or otherwise.  With some ever-improving art from Tony Vargas, this is one title that is well worth picking up.

4 out of 5

Wytches #3
Wytches #3

Writer – Scott Snyder
Artist – Jock
Colours – Matt Hollingsworth

Sail is still missing and when talking to the cops, her father is sure of what he knows but sounds crazy.  None of that is helping, so Charlie decides that the only way to find her is to do it himself and he means to do so no matter who or what stands in his path.  Wytches continues to be an exercise in the surreal side of horror and so far, it has been a great ride.  Scott Snyder’s tale is appropriately mysterious and Jock’s art as good as it ever was, but this book would not be what it is without Matt Hollingsworth’s psychedelic colouring.  The colouring really enhances the mood throughout the book whether it be one of frantic worry or absolute horror and it takes a good colourist to enhance a book beyond what a writer and artist can do.  Charlie is turning out to be a fascinating character, more so than he was previously and the book which seemed more Sail-centric is starting to make the focus about the whole family which is really nice to see as it adds a lot more to the dynamic of the story.  What is especially wonderful with this series is that it enters the horror market without any of the common topics that many series are sporting these days like vampire, werewolves and zombies.  There are not a lot of books about witchcraft, very little in fact and other than Coffin Hill, it would be hard-pressed to think of one.  This is a truly wonderful and different kind of book, something comics could use more of.

4 out of 5

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