Mind Capsules – Rai #5 and The New 52 Futures End #31

Rai #5
Rai #5

Writer – Matt Kindt
Artist – Clayton Crain

Rai is the story about the protector of New Japan in the year 4001 A.D.  The first arc of the series introduced all of our players as well as solving the mystery of what happened to Rai’s mother.  To say that he is not happy about it is an understatement yet he must remain calm if he is to free the city from Father’s rule and it will not be an easy task.  The second arc of Rai starts to unfold with our hero doing something none of the previous Rai’s have been able to do – deceive Father, the ruler of New Japan.  Matt Kindt fills the book with much deceit and collusion as Rai starts to put his trust in Spylocke, Dr. Silk and the Raddies more than that he has known his entire life.  The book is filled with a steady tension, a feeling that things are about to boil over at any moment and this idyllic city is going to explode from within.  It is an amazing experience to read this book and feel that, to have such emotions evoked from within you and Matt Kindt should be thanked for doing so.  Clayton Crain’s pencils are as good as ever and give the book a very distinct look and feel, one not seen in very many comics.  Given his previous work and now his pencils here on this book, the man proves that he can handle anything given to him whether it is a look at this highly advanced, intelligent city or the bowels underneath it.  Momo was an interesting character in the first arc and has become even more so now in the pages of this issue and it will be a lot of fun finding out just where it is that Kindt and Crain take the character and just how she will interact with the rest of the cast.  This is one of Valiant’s best books at the moment, one like no other and a treat to read.

4 out of 5

The New 52 Futures End #31
The New 52 Futures End #31

Writer – Brian Azzarello, Jeff Lemire, Dan Jurgens, Keith Giffen
Aritst – Jesus Merino
Inker – Dan Green
Colours – Hi-Fi

Lois breaks the Cadmus Island story and to say that it will cause some damage is putting it lightly.  There is a little bit to do with Superman, and the new Firestorm is having trouble changing back to their human form.  After two solid issues, Futures End goes back to its mediocre self with a good sequence, a fair one and a poor one.  It is a shame too as the book looked like it would be turning itself around but perhaps that is simply the fate set out for it and nothing will change it.  The best part of the book dealt with Lois Lane and the fallout from the whole Cadmus and Earth 2 storyline.  But as quickly as it came, it was over and the book went downhill from there which comes to the worst part of the book dealing with Superman and Constantine.  Maybe this particular plotline is supposed to be interesting to some, but it just seems to be going nowhere fast and is more boring than anything else.  The writers then pick things up a bit towards the end of the book with Firestorm having a little conundrum and Faraday heading back to Cadmus Island to find something he had stored there, only to find it missing and setting up a bit of a mystery.  Given the talent involved on the book, it would be nice to see more highs than lows and not be bored by what is going on thirty-one issues into the run.

3 out of 5

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