Mind Capsules – Gotham Academy #3 and Robocop #6

Gotham Academy #3
Gotham Academy #3

Writer – Becky Cloonan, Brenden Fletcher
Artist – Karl Kerschl
Colours – Geyser, Msassyk, Serge Lapointe

Olive finds herself in detention after the events of last issue, but soon after is in the middle of a plan with her ex-boyfriend’s sister Maps, and a couple of people she never used to associate with in a hunt for a ghost that is supposed to be in the old North Hall and they are determined to get to the bottom of it.  Cloonan and Fletcher continue the fun at Gotham Academy as the kids go looking for trouble, yet the book has far more depth than just what lies on the surface.  There is a mystery about Olive that persists with missing time playing a factor and nobody, not even herself knowing what went on during the past summer.  Because of that fact, Olive guards herself against everything and everyone, thereby becoming a bit of a social pariah in the process though nothing will keep Maps from her side.  While Olive might be a little morose and whatnot, Maps is completely the opposite in every way and is completely hilarious providing the comedic relief for the title that creates a good balance against the seriousness presented.  With this issue the supporting cast is built up which is good to see since the setting is a school filled with students for if Olive should have remained by herself for the bulk of the series, it would get a little stale.  So far though, the book is extremely entertaining and made even more so with the incredibly clean art-style of Karl Kerschl.  At first, it has to be admitted that it was Karl Kerschl’s artwork that was the draw for the book, but the story has turned out to be very compelling and a pleasant surprise at just how good it is.  Cloonan, Fletcher and Kerschl should be proud of the great book they have created which is one of DC’s brightest gems at the moment.

4.5 out of 5

Robocop #6
Robocop #6

Writer – Joshua Williamson
Artist – Carlos Magno
Colours – Marissa Louise

Poor Robocop is still super-bummed that OCP will not let him use his gun anymore.  The main problem with that making it much harder to face criminals without one.  What makes it even more complicated and essentially impossible is when you have to go up against an ED-2000x with only a nightstick.  Robocop has almost been a guilty pleasure ever since Boom decided to give the robotic hero a title.  And that is a good thing as his previous four-colour excursions were just not up to par with his movie counterpart.  This particular series written by Joshua Williamson and drawn by Carlos Magno does that and is just as good in every way.  The authenticity does not end with Robocop but extends to everyone in the book including the newly christened Detective Lewis who looks, acts and feels just as if Nancy Allen were still playing the part.  It is rare to find not only a good adaptation of an established property, but a continuation that is true to the source material.  Included within is all of that plus a good little mystery about Killian who is the book’s villain, a ton of tension, suspense, drama and a whole lot of action.  It is a fantastic property done justice and a joy to read each and every month.  Williamson leaves the book on a great little cliff-hanger that could change the game for our hero, good for him and not so good for those who choose to embrace the criminal life.

4.5 out of 5

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