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The Telltale Mind Presents… A Giant Creature Christmas!

giant creature xmas

This year, I figured I would do a theme for the films I look at this Christmas, but instead of just doing what everyone else is doing, I thought I would change it up a bit.  While Christmas films are great, and who does not love a good Christmas film, I love giant monsters and gigantic creatures and they never fail to entertain.  Some are quite excellent and some are… well, pure trash, but they provide an escape and if you have the winter blahs, these could be right up your alley.  I could go the easy route as there are a lot of films featuring these lovable scamps, especially Godzilla up there all cute in his Christmas hat, but I also thought I would look at some more obscure giant monsters as well as some beloved ones, and maybe mix it up with a few newer films amongst the classics.

So what can you look forward to?  Why Gamera, dinosaurs, giant ants, shrews and scorpions, cyclops and spiders, kaiju and of course, Roger Corman.  Always Roger Corman.  This should be a fun ride, 25 days of it, so I hope you will all join me on it and most of all, be happy and festive during these upcoming holidays and watch some films!


*awesome logo by Angela Romanoff!

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