Mind Capsules – Wayward #4 and The New 52 Futures End #30

Wayward #4

Writer – Jim Zub
Artist – Steve Cummings
Colours – Josh Perez, Tamra Bonvillain

It is hard to concentrate in school when all you can think about are your supernatural powers that you and your friends possess, and that is exactly the position that Rori finds herself in.  So it is that after school, she and those same friends decide to head off and try to discover just what is going on.  The fourth issue of Wayward provides another fun-filled episode with everyone’s favourite heroine and the book could not be any better.  Jim Zub gives us drama, suspense, action, mystery and even a little humour and it all fits together nicely to paint the best of portraits.  Steve Cummings, along with colourists Josh Perez and Tamra Bonvillain really bring this book to life with some of the brightest, cleanest and most stunning art of any title being published today.  The animated, hybrid-looking cross between Japanese and American styles that Cummings gives the book is perfect and really captures your attention with every panel.  Not to say that the story is lacking either, far be it.  Rori’s mother obviously has something to hide, namely powers of her own and it looks as if she is only trying to protect her daughter, but it is only a drop in the secrecy bucket.  It is a little frustrating to have to wait to find out everything we want to know, but also a good thing as it leaves you chomping at the bit for more, and Zub is becoming a master at making that happen.  Wayward is a truly wonderful and beautiful book on every level, one that deserves a place on your pull list.

4.5 out of 5

new 52 futures end 30
The New 52 Futures End #30

Writer – Brian Azzarello, Jeff Lemire, Dan Jurgens, Keith Giffen
Artist – Tom Raney
Colours – Hi-Fi

The upswing in the quality of storytelling on this title continues with another full-length epic, this time focusing on the Green Arrow/Big Barda/Earth 2/Cadmus/Brother Eye storyline.  Green Arrow and company invade Cadmus Island and end up getting more than they bargained for including possessed heroes and OMACS.  Lots of OMACS.  This was definitely a fun issue and it was great to once again see some actual movement on one of the many plotlines that permeate this book.  There were some standout moments in the story such as Lois meeting her Red Tornado self from Earth 2 and Hawkgirl destroying Ollie’s arrow right off the hop.  There was some absolute insanity involving Deathstroke that just came out of nowhere and Barda got a couple of moments to shine as well.  The ending was a little predictable, but fine as it was probably the only conclusion that was feasible to pull off.  The one problem with this book was the artwork by Tom Raney.  Raney has been a very dependable and oftentimes, great artist.  This issue though did not feature his best work, feeling like it might have been a bit rushed at times.  Maybe he was asked to draw this book last minute, but whatever the case might be it was not up to his usual standards.  Other than that, the book was actually a very solid entry which will hopefully continue with the coming issues.

4 out of 5

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