Mind Capsules – Inhuman #8 and Elektra #8

Inhuman #8
Inhuman #8

Writer – Charles Soule
Artist – Pepe Larraz
Colours – Pepe Larraz

The final part of Comes the Light finds Nuhuman Nur return to Attilan with news of Black Bolt who is enthralled to his brother Maximus.  With that knowledge in tow, Medusa puts together a rescue team consisting of Nur, Gorgon and Inferno.  Together, they travel to the Himalayan Alps to bring the king home no matter the cost.  Charles Soule brings us another fantastic chapter about the ongoing lives of the Inhumans and one that has had them searching for Black Bolt ever since Attilan fell and the Terrigen Mists were released.  It has been a long road for them, and for the reader with delays on the book making us wonder if it would ever be released at times, but we finally got to see just where the king was and what had happened to him.  The Nuhumans that were introduced earlier in the series were fairly interesting, but the Nur, who has only been in two issues so far, is by far the most intriguing of the bunch.  Pepe Larraz is a revelation, having a style that looks like a cross between Joe Madureira’s and Ryan Stegman’s and it is a perfect fit for the book, not only because his style is so similar to what has come before, but because his pencils are exciting and dynamic and is something that this book needs if it is to survive.  Eight parts is a fairly long story, even for today’s standards, and so it will be nice to see where the title goes on from here, though with Soule at the helm, there are no worries as he has been doing a great job thus far.

4 out of 5

Elektra #8
Elektra #8

Writer – W. Haden Blackman
Artist – Michael Del Mundo
Colours – Michael Del Mundo, Marco D’Alfonso

Elektra is on the hunt for Bullseye.  She is determined to get to him and nothing will stand in her way.  Whether it is S.H.I.E.L.D. or the Hand, it does not matter; she will kill him if it is the last thing she ever does.  W. Haden Blackman and Michael Del Mundo know how to craft a good book, better than most even.  There is so much action and excitement in this title it makes others look embarrassing.  Balancing that with some great characterization and drama and it is one of the best titles to come out of the House of Ideas in a long time.  Blackman knows Elektra and he knows her well.  He injects her with more humanity than most writers combined have ever done as Elektra is more than just a killing machine and Blackman treats her as such.  It does just so happens that Elektra is a great fighting and killing machine and she proves it in her battle against S.H.I.E.L.D., not killing them, and the Hand, of course, killing them.  Michael Del Mundo, which has been said before, is one amazing artist.  His pencils are stunningly beautiful and have made this book an absolute work of art.  Not only are the fighting sequences superb under his hand, but everything else as well, from the landscape to his character work to the dragon which appears in this issue.  This book is probably the best book that nobody is buying at the moment which is a real shame.  Check this title out if you have not and you are sure to have a great time.

4.5 out of 5

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