Issue by Issue – Rom #26

rom 26Writer – Bill Mantlo
Artist – Sal Buscema
Inker – Joe Sinnott
Colours – Ben Sean
Letters – Janice Chiang, Jean Simek

Rom may have returned to Galador and he might have freed Terminator, who now wears armour identical to his, from an evil influence, but the planet now faces an even greater danger in Galactus and his herald, Terrax.  Bill Mantlo and Sal Buscema give not only Rom a challenge, but also all of Galador as the Eater of Worlds comes calling with his fabled hunger.  Very few have driven the monster away and though the Spaceknights are formidable, even they will have their hands full.  The issue is quite exciting to see the various Spaceknights with their different power-sets go up against Terrax who holds the power cosmic.  Rom and Terminator head off to face Galactus himself as they stand the greatest chance of defeating him, but even then, how to defeat a creature that consumes the energies of entire planets?  To say there is a lot of action is putting it lightly and there is just as much drama to go along with it as the Spaceknights battle for their lives.  Back on Earth, Mantlo finally reveals what the strange mist was and lo and behold, of course it turns out to be the Dire Wraiths who wish to welcome Rom back to Earth with a little surprise of their own.  Mantlo pulls no punches with this issue, putting three planets in the crosshairs though it is possible that at least a couple of them will be saved.  Buscema’s pencils are top-notch as per usual and he has really given the book a really distinct feel and it would be a shame if he should ever have to leave.  Quite the riveting tale from our creative team and it is great to see some stories finally take place on the faraway home planet of the beloved Spaceknights.

4.5 out of 5

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