Issue by Issue – Doc Savage #17 (2010, DC)

Doc Savage #17 (2010, DC)Writer – J.G. Jones
Artist – Phil Winslade
Inker – Phil Winslade
Colours – Tom S. Chu
Letters – Rob Leigh

So finally with the penultimate issue of this series does it finally pick up and become interesting enough to hold someone’s attention.  Definitely a case of too little too late which is a shame as J.G. Jones seemed to really get the character and it would have been nice to see just where it is he would have went with Clark Savage Jr.  The book finds Doc and his Russian friend discovering her father who is waiting for his one-time enemy to fix his broken body, the same man who also has plans to raise Ghengis Khan from the dead.  Overall, it was a good issue with stronger writing from Jones and some tighter line work from Phil Winslade, though with an inordinate amount of down-shirt cleavage and bra shots which was a little strange.  The start of this story-arc might have been a little weak, but it has definitely picked up.  It is just too bad that it is almost over.

3 out of 5

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