Mind Capsules – All-New Captain America #1 and Wytches #2

All-New Captain America #1
All-New Captain America #1

Writer – Rick Remender
Artist – Stuart Immonen
Inker – Wade Von Grawbadger
Colours – Marte Gracia, Eduardo Navarro

Even though Rick Remender had written the previous volume of Captain America, this first issue blows much of it out of the water featuring Sam Wilson as the iconic hero in his first outing.  There are a lot of great action sequences that see the new Cap fly into a Hydra base on a rescue mission of seemingly great importance.  For the majority of it, the excitement never stops and the pacing is a mile-a-minute as Cap races through underground tunnels and caverns, and through the base looking for his objective.  Stuart Immonen’s pencils are phenomenal and the book is truly a thing of beauty under his steady hand.  There is a bit of humour in the book to lighten the mood a little in the form of Steve and Sharon sitting out on a lake while Sam is risking his life, and from Ian, the new Nomad as well who teaches Cap a thing or two about how to throw the shield.  Even Redwing plays a part in the book which is great to see, saving Cap’s shield from being lost in some molten lava.  It is hard to say if it is truly fitting, but Cap’s first battle against a bad guy is Batroc the Leaper, who also gets in some good quips about Sam being American and being a sidekick.  Batroc might be more formidable than he ever was, but he is also quite hilarious too.  Remender leaves the book on a great cliff-hanger that finds our hero in far more than he bargained for as the rescue mission might be something a lot bigger.  This is the Captain America title we should have gotten with the last volume, but it is here now and it is quite fantastic.

4.5 out of 5

Wytches #2
Wytches #2

Writer – Scott Snyder
Artist – Jock
Colours – Matt Hollingsworth

More than any other book, Wytches has become the best horror release of the year and it is only two issues in.  Avatar has put out some good stuff, as have other publishers.  Even Image has with the latest Robert Kirkman outing, Outcast, yet it is Scott Snyder and Jock’s new foray into the realm of fright which really delivers that creepy, moody, atmospheric feeling that every fan of horror loves to feel.  This issue finds our heroine, Sailor still on the outs from the recent goings on, including being attacked by a girl she thought was dead and being haunted by continual visions which would drive any sane person mad.  Her father has no idea what is going on and her mother is not in a place any better than her father and they are being haunted by demons of their own.  Jock really nails down the paranoia and the horrors our characters feel through the haunting imagery he peppers the book with.  If there was an artist born to the genre, it is Jock and it shows on each and every page.  On the flip side Snyder’s story gives off an Omen/Rosemary’s Baby feel, one that gives the reader a feeling of a creeping dread.  The characters know that something is wrong, they can feel it coming on but they have no idea what it is or what to do about it.  It is great to see a horror comic be as good as this one is having barely broken out of the gate.  This is yet another win for Image Comics and another win for readers everywhere.

4 out of 5

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