Issue by Issue – Doc Savage #15

Doc Savage #15Writer – J.G. Jones
Artist – Dan Panosian
Inker – Dan Panosian
Colours – Tom S. Chu
Letters – Rob Leigh

The mysterious blonde woman from the previous issue returns and Doc Savage chases her all the way to Russia where it seems everyone wants to kill or capture them.  The third issue of the last arc to be published by DC was made infinitely better by the artwork of penciller Dan Panosian whose clean looking style really drew your eye in and actually made you appreciate what was going on.  The story as well by J.G. Jones was much improved, getting better as every issue passes, with some decent dialogue and fairly interesting scenarios.  This Apis Bull item is still a mystery, which is good as it gives the reader something to latch onto and the tale itself is having fun with some strange situations and creatures, finally bringing some of the that classic pulp sensibility into the book.  Doc Savage is still not a perfect book and it boggles the mind how so many writers simply do not understand the character or know what to do with him, but it is getting better from what it was previously.  J.G. Jones looks like he knows what Savage is all about and what kind of stories to feature him in, which is a shame as this is how the run should have started instead of ended.

3 out of 5

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