Mind Capsules – Amazing Spider-Man #9 and Men of Wrath #2

Amazing Spider-Man #9
Amazing Spider-Man #9

Writer – Dan Slott
Artist – Olivier Coipel
Colours – Justin Ponsor

The first official part of Spider-Verse starts right here and if finds Peter, Silk, Spider-Woman, Spider-Girl, Spider-Man 2099 and the Scarlet Spider brought together on Earth-13 with Spider-people of various dimensions where they are told that Morlun and his family pose a serious threat.  At the same time, Morlun and family are feasting their way across the multiverse and we are also given a peak into their home life on Loomworld, Earth-001.  Dan Slott comes out in full swing with this book, giving us so many different Spider-Men and women it boggles the mind.  A lot happens in this book, including some explanations of what is going on to Peter from various members of the Spidey Corps including Spider-Ham, Enigma Force Spidey, Spider-Gwen, Old Man Spidey as well as Mayday Parker.  While it is great to see so many versions of one character, it is really good to see Mayday in the book as she has been away for far too long.  Slott also gives us a peak at Miles Morales, leaving the book on a cliff-hanger which tells you that he too, will be involved in all the upcoming mayhem.  Olivier Coipel is on art duty with this issue and his pencils look incredible.  Coipel’s work has much improved from his early days, being extremely detailed with sharp, clean lines, and with Justin Ponsor’s colours, they really pop off the page.  There is a bit of fun at the beginning with Silk and some good banter throughout the issue which is sure to only increase with every passing book and there being so many Spider-people and it creates a nice balance with the overall seriousness of the situation they face.  There is one thing everyone is going to be looking forward to though, and that is when Peter meets up with Octavius.  Fisticuffs will surely happen.

4.5 out of 5

Men of Wrath #2
Men of Wrath #2

Writer – Jason Aaron
Artist – Ron Garney
Colours – Matt Milla

Ruben is on the run from the cops, racing home as fast as he can because his father Ira has come calling and is in the house with Ruben’s pregnant wife.  He knows that nothing good can come from that.  Garney and Aaron create another suspenseful page-turner, a book that for all its disturbing imagery is one that you cannot put down.  Aaron pulls you in with his story of a family gone bad, maybe through genetics, definitely through choices, and it is one of the most powerful titles on the racks at the moment.  It is brutal and haunting and Garney brings it to life with some of best pencils of his life.  The book shows us a bit more of the Wrath family history, the twisted days of their past that has shaped their lives and how it has even flowed down to Ruben who tried to escape it, but when he needed money for his wife and their baby, he would turn to crime.  It seems though, that in a book about sinners, Ruben might just be one of the good guys.  How long that lasts is anybody’s guess, but we are sure to find out.  As the book rages on, Aaron ratchets up the tension until it is boiling over, only to suddenly end the book and make us wait and want for more.  There have been a lot of books about bad men and their villainous ways, but none so graphic or captivating as Men of Wrath.

5 out of 5

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