Issue by Issue – All-Star Squadron Annual #2

All-Star_Squadron_Annual_2Writer – Roy Thomas
Penciler – Jerry Ordway
Inker – Jerry Ordway
Colours – Gene D’Angelo
Letterer – David Cody Weiss

The finale of the Squadron’s little war against the Ultra-Humanite is so big; it had to conclude in an annual.  The book finds time-tossed villains and heroes teaming up on both sides of the conflict.  Ultra’s plan to have his brain transplanted into Robotman’s body is proceeding according to plan, and with the weapons he has amassed and the rogues he has on his side, the Squadron is going to have a hard time of it, even with the aid of Infinity Inc.  Luckily for them, not everyone on Ultra’s side agrees with what he is doing, or the way he is going about it.  Roy Thomas and Jerry Ordway deliver a monster of an issue telling a mammoth tale that features the coming together of three teams of heroes to take on the threat of Ultra.  There are a lot of great character moments in this book as the dynamic between the various members of these teams is extremely fun to watch, not to mention the members of Ultra’s little cabal.  Seeing Jade dance around the subject of being Green Lantern’s daughter without telling him was entertaining, though he does suspect something is up and them having such similar powers is quite a telling clue as to the truth of what she is hiding.  President Roosevelt makes a minor return to the book and there is a moment when one of the villain/heroes finally comes to his senses and makes the ultimate sacrifice which was a nice bit of redemption.  Large casts in titles usually make for great reading, and this title was no exception as it is usually fun to pick out each and every character as they appear, but there were times when it actually seemed like there were perhaps too many characters.  There were three teams of heroes, a team of villains from the past, a team of villains from the future and then the supporting characters on top of that, it almost made the title claustrophobic.  Thankfully it never really reached that level as Thomas is such a good writer, but it came awfully close.  Great stuff from the creative team, but this story did go on for a wee bit too long so it is a good thing to see it finally wrapped up.

4 out of 5

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