Mind Capsules – Amazing Spider-Man #8 and Aquaman #35

Amazing Spider-Man #8
Amazing Spider-Man #8

Writer – Dan Slott, Cristos Gage
Artist – Giuseppe Camuncoli, Humberto Ramos
Inker – Cam Smith, Victor Olazaba
Colours – Antonio Fabela, Edgar Delgado

Spidey’s team-up with the new Ms. Marvel concludes this issue with them defeating their foe, obviously, as it would not look so good if they should lose the first time out of the gate on their first get together.  There is also a few moments spent with Silk, who gets a new costume and Parker Industries gets a new employee.  In a second feature involving everyone’s favourite Spider-Girl, Mayday Parker it finds her seeing the loss of her parents at the hands of Morlun and joining up with the new Spidey Corps.  Another excellent issue comes and goes by Slott and company with both stories being quite good, the first quite fun and the second a little sad for those who are long time readers of Spider-Girl.  Having Ms. Marvel in the book is a stroke of genius as it is like watching an older Spider-Man team together with himself when he was younger.  Kamala is so full of wonder at not only teaming with one of her idols, but also at the whole crime-fighting thing and it harkens back to the best Spider-Man stories when he was the very same way.  Spider-Verse looks to be getting better and better with every issue with the various Spider-Men/Women they keep bringing into the fold and Spider-Girl is a great addition to the story.  Month in and month out, Amazing Spider-Man has been fantastic and with Slott, Ramos and sometimes Gage and Camuncoli on the book, it is a definite must read.

4 out of 5

Aquaman #35
Aquaman #35

Writer – Jeff Parker
Artist – Paul Pelletier
Inker – Sean Parsons
Colours – Rain Beredo

There is not a lot of excitement in this particular issue, but there is some interesting things going on with our hero.  For one, he decides to give Dr. Shin a pass on all the bad things from the past so that he might get his aid in finding out the cause of the quakes that have been afflicting Atlantis.  Arthur thinks it has something to do with his half-human lineage and that perhaps Atlantis is a living thing and that it is not accepting him as its ruler.  There is also a moment in the book where he lets all the prisoners of Atlantis go instead of executing them, so that they might start up their own nation.  The book is then left on cliff-hanger which should lead to quite an engaging story if Jeff Parker is able to cook something up, which no doubt he will.  So while there might have been a lack of action in the book, it was a pretty good read and it is nice to see some more of the workings of the underground kingdom.  Paul Pelletier has been doing a really good job on the book and one of the better things on the book has been keeping him on as the regular penciller.  At first it had seemed a drastic change when he had come on board, but now it is hard to think of the book without him.  Parker seems to be taking the book in a new direction which is always welcome and as long as he keeps heading the ship, there is sure to be some exciting and revelatory things to come.

4 out of 5

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