Mind Capsules – Avengers & X-Men: AXIS #3 and Arkham Manor #1

Avengers & X-Men AXIS #3
Avengers & X-Men: AXIS #3

Writer – Rick Remender
Artist – Leinil Francis Yu
Inker – Gerry Alanguilan
Colours – Matt Milla, Laura Martin, Edgar Delgado

The heroes had their chance, now it is up to Magneto and his team of villains to see if they can fare any better against the Red Onslaught.  As they go all out, Deadpool gives Iron Man a hand, Doom and Loki have a little chat on the sidelines before they get involved and we see Carnage is as insane as he ever was.  Remender throws everything into the pot to see what comes out on the other end with this issue and there are some interesting results.  How this series is supposed to make Carnage into a hero is unknown, but unless the symbiote finds a new host, there does not seem to be any way that will happen, at least judging by his actions within.  It is great to see the Enchantress in action again, as she has been very underutilized the past number of years not to mention the rest of our strange cast of villains.  Doom gets in a great one liner when talking with the Scarlet Witch stating that her forgiveness means nothing and that, ‘Doom does not mourn the insects he steps on.’  Even Deadpool is fairly humourous in the book, especially when he starts singing The Monkees’ I’m a Believer, but changing the words to I’m an Avenger.  However it is that Remender keeps coming up with this stuff, hopefully it continues for a good long while.  This particular chapter was illustrated by Leinil Francis Yu and his work looks phenomenal, especially during those giant two-page spreads and it would be great to see some more chapters in this saga drawn by him.  So far, the third issue of this title has been the best yet with some intriguing happenings and a new/old status quo setup by the end of the book.

4.5 out of 5

Arkham Manor #1
Arkham Manor #1

Writer – Gerry Duggan
Artist – Shawn Crystal
Colours – Dave McCaig

This book is a bit of an odd bird, simply for the fact that DC seems to have released it too early as it takes place after Batman Eternal #30, of which only #29 is currently out.  So the events that take place within are confusing and unless you want to wait a week or two to read it, you will wonder how things are happening the way they are and if this is not some sort of strange Elseworlds book.  It is a shame too, because the book would have been much more enjoyable if it had been scheduled better, as it is, it leaves the reader scratching their heads which is never a good thing.  If you take it for what it is, it has a good and very interesting story by Gerry Duggan and some very moody artwork from Shawn Crystal.  It is something different from the Batman family of books which is nice to see, and you wonder why someone never thought of this long ago.  It would have been great to see the book feature the going-ons of the mentally ill and the criminals that are housed there, but instead we are essentially treated to another Batman tale, a slow-burner and a good one, but just another story featuring our caped crusader.  Perhaps things would have been seen differently had DC been on the ball with this one, but they were not and thus it seems like the title lost some of its effectiveness right off the get-go.

3 out of 5

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