Mind Capsules – Hulk #7 and Spider-Man 2099 #5

Hulk #7
Hulk #7

Writer – Gerry Duggan
Artist – Mark Bagley
Inker – Drew Hennessy
Colours – Jason Keith

Doc Green is still on his quest to rid the world of Gamma powered beings which sees him in a humourous little situation having coffee with Hulkling.  After that, it is off to the Savage Land and a confrontation with Skaar, his son.  Gerry Duggan has been painting quite the interesting story with our hero, though he has seemed less like one than he usually does.  With this story, Duggan seeks to rid the newest members to Hulk’s family that Greg Pak and Jeph Loeb have made, which is a bit of a shame as those characters that seemed so shoehorned in at first, have become welcome additions to the Marvel Universe.  Perhaps the changes will not stick, but for now, it seems like Duggan and Marvel want to make the Hulk as unique as he once was.  There is a great little revelation about Bruce in the book which shows that he is not completely out of the picture as of yet, not that he could ever be and the book is then left on a nice little cliff-hanger that should see the next issue be quite exciting.  Bagley continues to so a pretty good job on the artwork, his pencils looking much better than they normally would as he is usually overextended on multiple books a month.  Overall, a good issue with some great fun present here from Duggan and company with some exciting battles sure to come with Betty and General Ross.

3.5 out of 5

Spider-Man 2099 #5
Spider-Man 2099 #5

Writer – Peter David
Artist – Rick Leonardi
Inker – Livesay
Colours – Antonio Fabela

Morlun is off killing future Spider-Men from the year 2099 when one of those same heroes creates a device to keep track of the villain, but one that also links all the future Spider-Men together psychically.  So when one of them dies, they all feel it and Miguel is not liking that feeling overly much.  Another good issue in the can from Peter David who welcomes back original Spider-Man 2099 artist Rick Leonardi to illustrate this chapter.  It is nice to see David incorporate the Edge of Spider-Verse event into his storyline, even though it was more than probable he did not want to.  Looks like Morlun is going to be on this Spidey’s tail pretty soon, so it is a good thing he is aware of just who he is dealing with and that he needs to go and get some help.  There was a fun little scene with Miguel in his civilian persona dealing with his boss and Liz Allen where they talk about getting into the prison business.  There was a little bit of excitement to be found within the pages of the book, though not a lot and it will be nice to see the story get back on track without any crossovers interfering.  Good but not great.

3.5 out of 5

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