Mind Capsules – Edge of Spider-Verse #5 and Earth 2: World’s End #2

Edge of Spider-Verse #5
Edge of Spider-Verse #5

Writer – Gerard Way
Artist – Jake Wyatt
Colours – Ian Herring

Peni’s father dies and so, due to genetics, she is the only one who can take his place in the SP//dr program.  She is soon bitten by a spider, from which she forms a telepathic link with, and is now able to take her dad’s place in the mech armour he once wore.  With a fifth issue of Edge of Spider-Verse and a fifth all-new, all-different type of Spider-Man, we get to experience something quite wonderful courtesy of Gerard Way’s fertile mind.  There has never been a Spider-Man quite like this before; sure he has had armours and whatnot, but never something of this calibre.  It is also very interesting that the spider that bit her did not really give her any extra powers of her own, and thus the reason for her mech suit.  Another extremely intriguing aspect of the book is the relationship between Peni and her spider, how it goes wherever she goes and how it can communicate with her as well.  There are some fun moments in the book, despite the seriousness of being handed the mantle and responsibility of SP//dr, one with the Daredevil of this particular universe as Peni talks to him about her dad and they fight crime together.  The ending is a lot of fun as well, with a couple of alternate universe Spideys showing up to tell her all about the impending doom, one of them being Spider-Ham.  A great issue that really makes you want to explore the world of SP//dr more fully, and it is hopeful, Marvel will give us that chance.

4.5 out of 5

Earth 2 World's End #2
Earth 2: World’s End #2

Writer – Daniel H. Wilson, Marguerite Bennett, Mike Johnson
Artist – Eddy Barrows, Eber Ferriera, Tyler Kirkham, Joe Weems, Paolo Siqueira, Cam Smith, Jorge Jiminez, Scott McDaniel
Colors – Mike Atiyeh

Our heroes are on the ropes as all over the world, creatures are erupting from the fire pits, emissaries from Apokolips and they mean to rule this Earth.  Commander Khan and Jimmy Olsen of the World Army also discover that Apokolips is on a collision course for Earth while our heroes do battle, but things are not looking good, especially when Power Girl, Huntress and Red Tornado become infected and switch sides.  This was a pretty good second issue, filled with more action than the Futures End title has seen in ages.  The only problem with the book is that with so many characters, it is possible that the average or new reader will become lost when reading it.  If there is one book that needs a recap page, or at least a cast member’s page, it is this one.  As it was, the book found a lot of arguing taking place between some of our respective heroes, but when push comes to shove, they realize that his battle is for the very survival of the planet and sometimes, things just have to be put aside for the larger cause.  Once again, the art seemed to flow pretty smoothly, despite the numerous artists on the book which normally would make it look quite slipshod in the final product.  All in all, a good issue with a whole lot going on and it was really nice to see Mister Miracle get the spotlight, for a bit anyways.

3.5 out of 5

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