Mind Capsules – Edge of Spider-Verse #4 and The Squidder #4

Edge of Spider-Verse #4
Edge of Spider-Verse #4

Writer – Clay McLeod Chapman
Artist – Elia Bonetti
Colours – Veronica Gandini

Those looking for Peter Parker in this issue will be disappointed once again as instead we get Patton Parnel, a sadistic young man with extremely dark tendencies.  While taking a tour of Alcorps Industries, Parnel gets bitten by a venomous spider and starts undergoing changes, changes that reflect who he really is.  With this issue, another entry in the Edge of Spider-Verse title turns out to be just as fun, just as good and just as different as the previous three were to each other.  This one was a nice little done-in-one horror book that gave us a look at an evil version of Peter who becomes a monster and uses his powers for the betterment of only himself.  Clay McLeod Chapman creates one of the most disgusting versions of Spider-Man, in more ways than one, ever put down on paper.  The alternate Mary-Jane is quite similar to the one we all know and love, this time going by the name Sara Jane instead though, and is of course the girl all the boys want.  Elia Bonetti’s pencils are slick, detailed and quite horrific at times and a perfect fit for the book.  Not only was this a refreshing take on the Spider-Man character, it was great to see some creators on the book not normally associated with Peter Parker, much less Marvel.  A very fun, if disturbing read.

4.5 out of 5

The Squidder #4
The Squidder #4

Writer – Ben Templesmith
Artist – Ben Templesmith

This is the one for all the money.  The Squidder versus the biggest, baddest, interdimensional squid-god there is, to free not only himself, but the entire Earth.  Ben Templesmith wraps up his latest epic nice and neat, though he leaves it open for another possible story should he ever want to revisit this universe.  The book looks like the usual insanity that Templesmith is known for, but even more so with all the Squid-like abominations that proliferate the title.  It is a good insanity too as it is like absolutely nothing else on the racks, being as diverse as he can make it, all the while being a joy to read too.  While the book wrapped the story up, it was nice to see Templesmith take us into the Squidder’s past, to see him come up and how he was created to deal with the invading problem.  It gave the book some added dramatic tension as we finally learned just what went into making the man who is supposed to save the entire human race.  Some great concepts, great writing and of course, some great art, make this a good book to pick up if you are looking for something out of the ordinary.

4 out of 5

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