Mind Capsules – Men of Wrath #1 and Batman Eternal #26

Men of Wrath #1

Writer – Jason Aaron
Artist – Ron Garney
Colours – Matt Milla

The Raths were once a peace-loving family.  Things changed after an unfortunate incident in their past and now, with every passing generation, the men get colder, crueler and more violent.  Such as it is with Ira Rath, a hired gun who will do anything asked of him, no matter what it is.  Jason Aaron and Ron Garney give readers a desolate portrait of a family, one that is best not to be trifled with, because those that do end up on the wrong side of a barrel.  The creative team give many instances of this, both in the past with previous members of the family, and the present as Ira accepts payment for doing whatever the job calls for, even if it calls for the killing of a child.  Ira is a complicated guy and we learn he is what was once coined as a ‘man’s man,’ one who never complains about anything, not even if they are dying of an incurable disease.  Ira Rath is a dangerous man.  He looks dangerous, sounds dangerous and acts dangerous, like an even deadlier version of the Punisher, but one who does not simply go after crime, instead offering his services to the highest bidder.  The execution of this book is flawless, from the lettering to the artwork and everything in between and Aaron sets up the next issue with a great cliff-hanger that will make you want to read that next issue immediately.  The only problem is that you have to wait a month.  Men of Wrath #1 is a truly inspired first issue from the writer of Thor and other fine titles, and artist extraordinaire Ron Garney.

5 out of 5

Batman Eternal #26
Batman Eternal #26

Writer – Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV, Tim Seeley, Ray Fawkes, Kyle Higgins
Artist – R.M. Guera
Colours – Giulia Brusco

Bruce is not feeling well.  It is not a physical thing, but a mental weariness as knowing that Hush is out there, behind all the troubles going on in the city and there is little Bruce can do about it at the moment.  After being confronted by his peers, Bruce relates the story of Hush and his connection to him.  This was a nice break in the story for a look at the main player behind everything courtesy of our writers.  Hush has always been an intriguing personality and now finding out who he is and what he has to do with Bruce makes him even more so.  Everyone knew it was coming, but to see marshal law enacted in the city paints a somewhat chilling picture of what is to come as most will try to ignore it.  It is Gotham after all.  There is some fun banter that takes place between Red Robin, Red Hood, Batgirl and Julia in the Bat-cave and it helps to lighten the mood a little bit from all the seriousness going on.  We also get to see movement on the Spoiler front which is great to see for the reader, but not so much for Spoiler due to the events that are revealed within.  This marks another captivating issue in a line of good issues, something that was not really expected when this book started up.

4 out of 5

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