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Horror of Dracula (1958) – The Visuals

dracula_1958_poster_01 dracula_1958_poster_02 dracula_1958_poster_03 dracula_1958_poster_04 dracula_1958_poster_05 dracula_1958_poster_06 dracula_1958_poster_07 dracula_1958_poster_08 dracula_1958_poster_09 dracula_1958_poster_10 dracula_1958_poster_10_0 dracula_1958_poster_11 dracula_1958_poster_12 horrorofdracula1 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA horrorofdracula3 horrorofdracula4 horrorofdracula5 horrorofdracula6 horrorofdracula7 horrorofdracula8 horrorofdracula9 horrorofdracula10 horrorofdracula20 horrorofdracula21 horrorofdracula19 horrorofdracula18 horrorofdracula17 horrorofdracula16 horrorofdracula14 horrorofdracula13 horrorofdracula12 horrorofdracula11 dracula_1958_32 dracula_1958_01 dracula_1958_02 dracula_1958_03 dracula_1958_04 dracula_1958_06 dracula_1958_07 dracula_1958_10 dracula_1958_11 dracula_1958_12 dracula_1958_14 dracula_1958_18 dracula_1958_19 dracula_1958_20 dracula_1958_21 dracula_1958_28

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  1. I love the look of this film. Wonderfully lush yet cozy color and sets. I would love to live in Holmwood´s house in Klausenberg, but I would keep garlic in hand!

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