Mind Capsules – Thor #1 and The New 52 Futures End #22

Thor #1
Thor #1

Writer – Jason Aaron
Artist – Russell Dauterman
Colours – Mathew Wilson

A new chapter in the saga of Thor starts here with the man being unable to pick up his hammer.  No longer is the man worthy to wield that which was forged for him and by the end of the issue, another person, a woman, will wield the power of Thor.  Aaron pours as much into this issue as he has the past run with Frost Giants, Malekith, Roxxon, Thor, Odin, the All-Mother and as much family squabbling as he possibly can.  One downside, at least with this issue, is the absence of King Thor and the Thunder Girls.  If they should make a return, it will be all too welcome, but in the meantime, aside from the woman who is taking over the mantle, we will just have to make do with Sad Thor.  It is surprising to see Malekith make an entrance to the series so soon, though if the new Thor were to have a big bad to go up against, he makes for a great first villain.  Also nice to see is Odin returning to the book after being away for so long.  Asgard is never quite the same when he is missing from its halls and not only does he inspire respect from the rest of the gods, but bickering amongst the family members, specifically Thor and Loki which is sure to start up at some point.  Russell Dauterman provides some stunningly detailed artwork which really brings the story alive and is a far step removed from what the previous series featured, which is great as a fresh start should be that in all respects.  Aaron of course provides clues as to who the new Thor is and though it is not expressly shown in this issue, you can pretty much guess who it will turn out to be.  Great stuff from all involved on this first issue and it is a book that is definitely worth getting.

4 out of 5

The New 52 Futures End #22
The New 52 Futures End #22

Writer – Brian Azzarello, Jeff Lemire, Dan Jurgens, Keith Giffen
Artist – Patrick Zircher
Colours – Hi-Fi

The pace slows right down again for the current issue of Futures End with chit-chat happening between Jason Rusch and his employer, Ronnie Raymond and the former Red Robin, the Batman from Beyond and Plastique and more.  One thing the writers did was finally cut back to Hawkman, Frankenstein and Amethyst and their mission in space.  It had been some time since they were last in the issue and even though it was only for a couple of pages, it was great to see them again.  A while back, DC put out a teaser for the Blood Moon, and this issue puts it into context a little bit by revealing what, or who, is behind it.  Frankly, it was not all it was made out to be and actually kind of disappointing in the end.  The Red Robin part of the book and the scene with Batman Beyond were the two highlights of this week’s issue, even though little happened.  The cliff-hanger the book left us on has been one of the best the series has featured thus far, and hopefully it leads to something exciting.  It should also be mentioned that Patrick Zircher’s pencils have been looking exceptionally great as of late, specifically this issue.  He just seems to get better and better and it would be great if we could see him a little more often on the book.  All in all, the book was enjoyable, but not much more than that.

3.5 out of 5

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