Issue by Issue – Doc Savage #11 (2010, DC)

Doc Savage #11 dcWriter – Ivan Brandon, Brain Azzarello
Artist – Nic Klein
Inker – Nic Klein
Colours – Nic Klein
Letters – Rob Leigh

Finally, Ronan MacKenna stands revealed.  After much hinting at and many clues unearthed, Ronan stands before Doc Savage’s men as the culprit behind everything.  We see Ronan’s back-story, of what happened to him how he decided to do the things he is currently doing which are not very nice. Meanwhile Doc Savage shows up and the two men talk about what Ronan is intending on doing with his bombs that are not actually armed, and the two fight it out with a surprising twist at the end.  Ivan Brandon and Brian Azzarello deliver another chapter in Doc Savage’s latest adventure-mystery, one that slows the pace right down to a crawl, and one that seems like it was almost lifted right out of a James Bond movie with the villain describing his dastardly plot with the why’s and the how’s.  It is fairly interesting, though not overly so as this particular story has gone on for far too long.  The fight at the end of the issue picked things back up again and left the book on a cliff-hanger which was nice, but not nearly enough to make one really care.  Hopefully this is the second to last part of the story, as the book needs to go in a different direction creatively.  The current arc started strong and now has simply fizzled out which is not a great thing when you are the one reading it.

2.5 out of 5

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