Issue by Issue – Moon Knight Volume 1 #37

An old man is dying and calling out for Marc Spector.  It just so happens to be his father, a man he has not spoken to in eighteen years.  Marc of course is messed up about it, especially as he has been trying to put the Spector identity to rest as it only brought him grief.  After battling with himself, he finds out he waited too long to see his father and now all there is to do is try and put the past behind him.  But doing that is easier said than done as some men decide to desecrate his father’s grave and abduct the body, all in the hopes of gaining some mystical power.  Alan Zelenetz gives Moon Knight a hard time this issue by playing upon his emotions in more ways than one.  His religion and family are tackled and they make for sore subjects with the man.  When his father’s grave is desecrated, that is the final straw and Moon Knight goes crazy.  It is not often that we really see Moon Knight go off the rails, usually he keeps himself in control, yet here, he is being attacked on a very personal level and he will not stand for it.  Bo Hampton once again provides some extremely stunning art very reminiscent of his predecessor, Bill Sienkiewicz and the book looks fantastic because of it.  This book continues the upswing in stories started with last issue and which comes a little too late as there is only one book left in the series.  A shame as Zelenetz and Hampton have been doing some good work too.

4 out of 5

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