Issue by Issue – Moon Knight Volume 1 #36

Doctor Strange and Moon Knight, a match made in heaven it would seem.  Except Moon Knight thinks everything about Strange is make-believe.  But when attending a function as Steven Grant, Marlene is overtaken by the spirit of a dead priest from thousands of years ago, one who just so happens to have a beef with Khonshu.  What follows are strange happenings, most of which Doctor Strange takes care of until Moon Knight can no longer ignore what is going on.  Alan Zelenetz steps in to write this issue with artist Bo Hampton and it is a fairly exciting one with magic, curses and revenge aplenty for the reader.  It was great to see our hero mixing it up with Doctor Strange, finally opening the book up to the greater Marvel Universe like it did with last issue.  Some of the dialogue was fairly corny, even for the time it was written, with nobody speaking like that.  Moon Knight has not run into very much magic over his career, a little voodoo comes to mind, so it was interesting to see how he would handle it, which in the end, was not very well.  While the issue was pretty good, the writing is not as smart as it was when Doug Moench was on board and it is keenly missed.

3.5 out of 5

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