Issue by Issue – Moon Knight Volume 1 #35

Tony Isabella and Kevin Nowlan return to tell a double-sized issue bringing the Fantastic Four and the X-Men along.  Moon Knight is on patrol when he sees The Fly burglarising a house.  That means Moon Knight has some work to do.  Surprisingly, The Fly gets the better of Moon Knight and in the process, nearly breaks the back of our hero.  So now it is not only Moon Knight who is down for the count, but all of his aliases and because of that, Steven Grant contemplates retiring and living a normal life with Marlene.  As he slowly starts to come around to the idea, a crime involving a woman named Bora happens in front of him, and it seems sitting in a chair for the rest of his life is not something he will ever be able to do.  Nowlan’s pencils look absolutely fantastic this issue and if anyone was to replace Bill Sienkiewicz, then Nowlan is the man to do so.  After a number of average stories, this issue picks things back up and gets Moon Knight in the thick of things with some great action featuring some super-villains who are not regular street thugs and actually give the man a run for his money.  What is most interesting about this story is that Moon Knight, who is a Batman analogue (who in turn is a Shadow analogue), gets his back broken by a criminal and therefore becomes paralysed, or close to it, and years later, Batman would go through the same experience.  The Fly is a pretty lame villain, but is actually written quite well here and the fact that he gets the better of our hero at least earns him a couple of props.  It was also nice to see some guest stars in the book like Colossus, Nightcrawler and the rest of the X-Men as well as the Fantastic Four.  This was definitely a vast improvement over the most recent fare and it was great to see Moon Knight given an actual challenge.

4 out of 5

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