Issue by Issue – Moon Knight Volume 1 #34

There is something going on with some of the kids in the neighbourhood.  They are acting crazy as if they are hopped up on some sort of drugs, making them feral almost.  Moon Knight does some investigating and finds out that the kids are being poisoned from some sort of old formula that Marc Spector had run into years ago in a factory that Steven Grant tried to keep open some time ago.  Can Moon Knight deal with the problem without hurting the kids and can Gena overcome the trauma she goes through in the book?  Tony Isabella comes on board for this issue and he does a good job of putting our hero through his paces.  Again, this book featured a fairly standard story compared to some of the great ones that were previously seen in the title but it was written well and had an interesting framing sequence to keep things fresh.  Bo Hampton provides the art for the issue and it is interesting only in the fact to see how his style has evolved over the years.  A decent issue, but by no means a memorable one.

3 out of 5

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