Mind Capsules – Dawn/Vampirella #1 and Chastity #3

DawnVampirella #1
Dawn/Vampirella #1

Writer – Joseph Michael Linsner
Artist – Joseph Michael Linsner
Colours – Joseph Michael Linsner, Valentina Pinto

Dawn is cool; Vampirella is cool, so why not pair them up in a book together?  That is exactly what Joseph Michael Linsner has done, taking his creation and Warren’s leading lady and giving them an adventure, of a sort, taking them to who knows where.  As it stands, it looks like our heroines are about to become a bride, at least one of them is, after they battle it out to the death at the whim of the demon who has captured them.  When Dawn tries to outwit their captor, they try to escape and find that there is nowhere to go.  Anything starring Dawn demands to be bought as she is often featured in fun and fantastical stories, not to mention having an artist that produces some of the best artwork to ever appear in a comic book.  This book, while having the same wonderful pencils from Linsner, looks great, but it would have been just a little bit better if he had painted it as well.  Pairing Dawn up with Vampirella is a match that seems to fit really well, both being characters of the supernatural.  The story is very entertaining, watching the two women as they try and figure out where they are and what to do, and they play off of each other well with Vampirella appropriately outraged and Dawn all calm and collected.  It is a little disappointing that it takes Linsner so long to do a book, but the end result usually justifies the long wait in-between projects.  What will happen in the next issue is sure to be just as good if this one is anything to go by.

4 out of 5

Chastity #3
Chastity #3

Writer – Marc Andreyko
Artist – Dave Acosta
Colours – Thiago Ribeiro

Poor Chastity.  Having returned home she finds that her brother Ray is a vampire.  Not the greatest turn of events.  What follows is a battle between brother and sister, the likes of which the two have never had before.  Chastity of course does not want to fight, but it seems the situation is out of her control and so she will do what she must.  Elsewhere, the Vampire Council is unhappy with Alyce’s behaviour and it will be sooner rather than later that they will deal with her.  Andreyko’s been doing a good job with the book, though at the moment, very little is happening.  The only problem with the book is the fact that there is very little going on.  The action tends to move the story along at a good pace and the mystery of the Council and what will happen to our heroine keeps the reader intrigued, but a little movement in the story to bring Chastity and the Council together or towards Alyce would be appreciated as the book just seems to be spinning its wheels a little bit.  So far it has been fun seeing Chastity try and figure out who she is and how she can do what she does, and the pacing certainly does not make the story boring by any means, so it would be nice to see her up against her maker or those who rank above her.  Acosta’s art looks good, but sometimes loses a little of its consistency such as in the club scene.  Overall, the book is a good one; it just needs to tighten up a little here and there to be a great one.

3.5 out of 5

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