Issue by Issue – The Warlord #39

Warlord_Vol_1_39Writer – Mike Grell, Jim Starlin
Artist – Mike Grell, Jim Starlin
Inker – Vince Colletta, Romeo Tanghal
Colours – Adrienne Roy, Jerry Serpe
Letters – Todd Klein, Ben Oda

Morgan and Shakira find an old factory as they are travelling along and Morgan, being as curious as he is, needs to stop and check it out.  Within, they find the place is still running and a robot butler shows up to greet them, and subsequently, drug them.  The robot goes on to tell them that the Atlanteans accidentally built the factory over the lair of Agravar and that every now and then he needs to come up for a ritual feast.  It also helps to keep Agravar appeased so that he does not destroy the place and it just so happens that Morgan and Shakira are next on the menu.  Grell delivers yet another exciting tale with our ever-adventurous hero.  This issue actually sees some interaction with Shakira, who has remained behind the scenes for most of her appearances thus far.  Here she gives it to Morgan as much as he deserves, as sometimes he is quite self-centered and egotistical.  It is nice to see her come out of her shell and finally earn her spot as a member of the supporting cast by doing so.  The latest installment of OMAC by Jim Starlin and Romeo Tanghal is essentially one big battle between the IC&C forces and Verner Bros. Inc.  When all is said and done, almost sixty thousand men lay dead and the One Man Army Corps cannot figure out why it had to come to this.  Starlin does a great job with the story, what little of it there is, and at least puts forth the message that war is an ugly business.  A fairly good issue, but it would be nice if Morgan either got back on mission, or at least acknowledges he is still heading back to see Mariah.

4 out of 5

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