Mind Capsules – Vampirella #4 and Iron Fist #6

Vampirella #4
Vampirella #4

Writer – Nancy A. Collins
Artist – Patrick Berkenkotter
Inker – Dennis Crisostomo
Colours – Jorge Sutil

Vampirella is in Greece and sadly, it is not just for a little fun in the sun.  It is here that her next victim lies, if victims they can be called.  In order to combat the Lady of Shadows that is starting to take over her body, she must drink the blood of the oldest vampires and thus the reason for her world tour which has now taken her here.  So it is not by chance that Vampirella comes to Greece, but to hunt a vampire breed called the Lamia, the last remaining member of its kind.  But after the deed is done, Vampirella is actually surprised by something she has never seen before.  Vampirella has been published in many incarnations over the years, by many people in many different formats.  It finally feels with this volume by Nancy A. Collins that she has finally returned to her roots with a story that is both interesting and one that is a little playful as it dances around the horror genre.  The book may not be a frightening one, though it does contain all of the elements needed to make a successful horror title, but it is highly entertaining containing a mix of the supernatural, drama, action-adventure and comedy.  The premise of the book is something that puts a twist on what Vampirella would normally do, namely the killing of the undead, by having her rely on them for her survival.  As such, Collins not only puts her stamp on the book, she does so in an intriguing and inventive manner.  With beautiful artwork from Patrick Berkenkotter and company, the book is definitely a brighter chapter in Vampirella’s ongoing adventures.

4 out of 5

Iron Fist #6
Iron Fist #6

Writer – Kaare Kyle Andrews
Artist – Kaare Kyle Andrews

Pei is still on the run with her baby dragon which used to be an egg, while Brenda is on the run after her.  What makes things even worse is that Davos is there to get a hold of Pei and the dragon for his new kingdom.  Back in K’un Lun, Danny has been rescued his old friend Sparrow who aims to get Danny back in shape, both in mind and body.  It is going to take some work though as Danny has been through an emotional ringer, with the ghosts of his past haunting him as well as facing the destruction and the death of all he has known and loved for most of his life.  And with his body in a shambles, it is going to take not only Sparrow, but Danny himself to help him on his road to recovery.  Andrews has been doing such a great job on the book, completely differentiating it from anything else that Marvel is doing at the moment that it is always a joy to when it finally comes out.  Iron Fist has been completely dismantled under Andrews’ hand and though it is not a good thing for our hero, we as the reader enjoy it immensely as the way it has been done, one piece at a time, carefully and methodically, was beautiful in its execution.  Now that Danny has reached the bottom, there is nowhere to go but up and it will be fascinating to see just how it is that Kaare intends to rebuild the man and the hero, if it can be done.  The artwork of course, is always sumptuous with its different styles as it moves from present to past and back again.  Iron Fist has truly become a magnificent book in every respect.

4.5 out of 5

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