Mind Capsules – The Names #1 and Aquaman Futures End #1

The Names #1
The Names #1

Writer – Peter Milligan
Artist – Leandro Fernandez
Colours – Cris Peter

Kevin is having a bad day, so bad in fact that his employer has convinced him to commit suicide.  His wife does not believe that he did so, at least not of his own free will.  Katya soon receives a cell phone from Kevin’s lawyer which contains a video of Kevin telling her how they killed him. Who are they?  She has no idea, but she knows that Marco, a man who worked with her husband might and she aims to find out the names of each and every one of them.  Peter Milligan brings a new series to Vertigo and it is one that is taut and suspenseful with a mystery that hooks and intrigues the reader immediately.  Who this secret group is and what they hoped to accomplish with Kevin’s death are two of many questions Milligan raises and as a reader, you cannot wait to see them answered.  In this one issue, Milligan establishes Katya as a smart and determined woman and a protagonist that we want to see come out on the winning side.  This also happens to be a book that is one of the best things he has put out in quite some time and features some really great writing by the man.  Leandro Fernandez has been doing some stellar work for years with runs on The Punisher and more, but with The Names, he almost seems to take it to another level.  His work seems cleaner, more expressive and really adds to the level of suspense and paranoia that Milligan is going for in the book.  This book is definitely off to a strong start and is one that should be on everyone’s radar.

4 out of 5

Aquaman Futures End #1

Writer – Dan Jurgens
Artist – Alvaro Martinez
Inker – Raul Fernandez
Colours – Chris Sotomayor

The oceans are dead, very little survives within their waters and nothing grows any longer due to the war with Apokolips and the Parademons.  Atlantis and its peoples need help and thus the reason for Aquaman building Atlantis Island as a bridge between those who live below and above the waves.  Not everyone is happy about the situation though, thinking that the resources that are going into this island could be better used for the benefits of the Atlanteans now instead of sometime down the road.  Aquaman has his eye on the bigger picture though and he knows that this is the only thing that might possibly work without giving away the oil and mineral rights to the nations of the surface world.  What follows next is rebellion and a return of the first king of Atlantis and suffice it to say, things will not be easy for Aquaman.  Jurgens creates an effective portrait of the sea-king’s future that fits right into the Futures End event.  There are some interesting things going on with the supporting cast, namely how none of them have any faith in their leader except for Ya’wara who is now Aquaman’s significant other.  The book also paints a dire portrait of the Earth and at least part of went on during this great war that happened five years into the future of DC’s various comic titles.  There is a minor annoyance, being this is only the first part of the story and if you want to read the rest, it is continued in Aquaman and the Others Futures End #1.  It was assumed that all of these would be self-contained tales, not stories that would cross over into other titles which now seems not to be the case.  Otherwise, some great stuff from Jurgens and company.

4 out of 5

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