Mind Capsules – Original Sin #8 and Batman Eternal #22

Original Sin #8
Original Sin #8

Writer – Jason Aaron
Artist – Mike Deodato Jr.
Colours – Frank Martin

There is a battle on the moon between Nick Fury and Midas for the fate of everything and only one will walk away, if any at all.  This is the issue where we finally see what went down between Nick Fury and the Watcher, who killed the Watcher and why.  The one thing Fury now has to do is live long enough to see through his one last mission, and with help from the Avengers and the heroes he called in to replace him, he has a good chance at doing so.  So Jason Aaron and Mike Deodato’s epic goes out with a bang and leads into some new titles this fall, of which all have been announced some time ago.  There are some people that think these new elements that Aaron has introduced to Nick Fury take away from his character, when in fact they do the opposite.  Everything that Aaron has shown us fits with the man and his personality.  Fury being a ‘man on the wall,’ and protecting humanity is something that easily suits his character as all he has ever done is stand up for those that cannot fight back, whether it was in the war or after.  If some intergalactic menace is out to destroy the Earth, and if Fury can prevent it, he obviously would because that is who he is.  Aside from the great moments with Fury throughout the book and the series, there is another fantastic character moment in this issue, specifically with the Watcher.  It is not very often that we hear Uatu speak and when he does, it is always with something of import and his conversation with Fury is both sad and memorable.  Without really spoiling anything, there will be some ramifications felt from this series throughout the Marvel Universe, and for some time to come by the looks of it.  The ending was completely unexpected, but somewhat gratifying and hopefully, it plays a part in future events going forward.  Original Sin was definitely one of the better Marvel Events of the last ten years and if you have not read it, then do yourself a favour and do so.

5 out of 5

Batman Eternal #22
Batman Eternal #22

Writer – Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV, Tim Seeley, Ray Fawkes, Kyle Higgins
Artist – Jorge Lucas
Colours – Brett Smith

A man named the Architect wants to bring down Beacon Tower.  By doing so, the Architect will kill hundreds of people if successful.  Batman has to make sure that he does not, one way or another.  At the mansion, Julia is trying to get a hold of Bruce so that he might visit Alfred in the hospital when she discovers the Batcave.  When Batman finally is able to contact the cave and realizes that it is not Alfred he is speaking to, he is shocked to say the least, and so is Julia.  But if Batman is to stop the Architect, he and Julia are going to have to work together.  This was another great issue in the weekly adventures of Batman with a nice cliff-hanger ending that was perhaps a little predictable if you had read the previous issue, but still exciting nonetheless.  It has been quite remarkable seeing the title narrow its focus over the past bunch of issues as at one point there were a lot of plot threads running simultaneously fighting for room in the book.  This issue only featured two of them, that of Batman doing his thing and trying to stop the insanity in the city and that of Alfred and his daughter.  Eternal has also been upping the ante as well in the storytelling department as each and every issue recently has been incredibly suspenseful and action-packed, making for a book that is both fast-paced and captivating.  For a book that comes out every week, the quality is impressive and it definitely makes you want to keep coming back for more.

4 out of 5

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