Mind Capsules – Inhuman #4 and Rai #4

Inhuman #4
Inhuman #4

Writer – Charles Soule
Artist – Ryan Stegman
Colours – Marte Gracia

New Attilan is now holding an open house, letting those who want to come inside, do so to prove that there is nothing to fear from the Inhumans who live among them.  Even Thor has come for a visit, one which soon gets marred by an assassination attempt.  But as is the case with Attilan, so is it with Medusa and she refuses to punish the men who committed the crime, showing a new side to her character as they must all evolve now if they are to grow as a people and a culture.  This issue also introduces a new Inhuman, possibly, who goes by the moniker Reader.  He also has a cool dog.  True to Marvel’s word, the fourth issue of this book shipped on time and with very little break in-between issues; it was nice to remember what happened without looking at the recap page.  The book is coming into its own quite nicely but there is one problem with it and it has nothing to do with its creators, but more to do with editorial.  This book has Medusa and her people, Inhumans and Nuhumans, trying to get along and merge with society, of which there is nothing wrong with that goal whatsoever.  The problem in that lies in the fact that over the course of Marvel’s history, or at least as long as the X-Men have been around, humanity has been afraid of those that are different than themselves, namely those that have powers or look, frankly, inhuman.  So when a book like this comes out and you have the people of New York all accepting of these Inhumans, those that look otherworldly and have strange powers and then not accepting the X-Men and mutants in general who are of the same side of the coin, it creates a little break in the believability of what they are trying to put across to the reader.  While the book is only four issues in, and it is a little too early to tell as of yet, there are one of two things that we should see happen – either humanity will accept both peoples or they will eventually turn on the Inhumans like they did mutants.  It makes no logical sense in the big Marvel U picture for the regular person on the street to be so accepting of these strange, alien people.  Other than that little quibble, the book was quite entertaining with a little bit of a cliff-hanger at the end of the issue and new artist Ryan Stegman coming on board to lend his expertise to the book.

4 out of 5

Rai #4
Rai #4

Writer – Matt Kindt
Artist – Clayton Crain
Colours – Clayton Crain, Donovan Santiago

Simply put, Rai has almost completely lost it now that he knows the truth about himself and Father.  Silk needs Rai on his side and he needs him now, not wanting to wait for the current one to get wiped and a new one instituted in his place.  Luckily Spylocke and Lula Lee manage to calm Rai down before he kills everyone he possibly can and afterwards, they give him a map with all the areas of Japan that are off the grid so that he might go and have a chat with Father.  It is after said chat with Father that Rai comes to a realization.  Matt Kindt wraps up the first arc of Rai’s ongoing series with a bang and it almost hurts to find out that we have to wait until December for the title to resume.  Presumably the reason would be so that Clayton Crain can get ahead on the art and the book does not suffer any delays because of it.  If the book can retain the consistently high level that it has done thus far, then that wait will ultimately be worth it.  Overall, the book has been packed full of action, intrigue and suspense in a wonderful science-fiction setting of the future Japan and it is one of Valiant’s most exciting books.  What will happen going forward is anyone’s guess, but it will definitely not be any good for Father and the ramifications for Japan, not to mention Lula Lee and Rai himself could go either way when the book returns.

4.5 out of 5

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