Mind Capsules – Batman Eternal #21 and All-New Invaders #9

Batman Eternal #21
Batman Eternal #21

Writer – Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV, Tim Seeley, Ray Fawkes, John Layman
Artist – Jason Fabok
Colours – Brad Anderson

Falcone is getting out of Blackgate and extradited back to Hong Kong, much to the dissatisfaction of Batman.  After having a chat with the man, Batman realizes that there is something and someone much larger in play in Gotham, and he means to get to the bottom of it.  Meanwhile, Lt. Bard has just had a promotion and is the new Commissioner.  Batman of course, does not fully trust him still, even if they get along a little better than they used to.  Alfred and Julia have a chat back at the manor when there is a break-in that features the return of a fan-favourite character.  And the issue then leaves off on a big cliff-hanger and surprise that will leave readers of the book wondering what is in store next.  Much like Futures End, this book really upped its game with the current issue.  With the home invasion at Wayne Manor it seemed like the book was over and when it was not, it was expected that the actual ending would not live up to the character reveal.  Yet, beyond all expectations, the book would leave off on a most intriguing ending, one that almost seemed choreographed from the very beginning of the series, but in the end, really came as a shock.  Also in the book, Gordon is sentenced to sit in Blackgate for the rest of his life as he has been found guilty, and whether the evidence that Batgirl and company gained will make a difference whatsoever, will remain to be seen.  Batman Eternal was definitely one of DC’s best books this week with great action, drama, artwork, writing and revelations.

4.5 out of 5

All-New Invaders #9
All-New Invaders #9

Writer – James Robinson
Artist – Steve Pugh
Colours – GURU-eFX

Things are not going to well for our heroes as they must face down an army of Deathloks.  And there are a lot of them.  Dagmar, the villain of the book tells the reader about his collection as the story goes along, and how he came to acquire them, including Luther Manning, the original Deathlok.  Bucky finally gets to the heart of the matter where he meets another type of cyborg lady as well as a ton of other A.I., Dagmar takes out Jim Hammond and just when Namor is about to get toasted, Captain America busts in to save the day.  James Robinson has been doing a great job on this book as of late and this issue is no exception.  Deathlok has always been a great character and having dozens of them is even better.  Dagmar is an interesting villain, a man who was once head of the East German Secret Police.  Such a man, with his knowledge of the Cold War and world powers could prove to be a dangerous threat to our heroes, with or without Deathloks on his side.  Pugh has gotten better with every passing issue as well, with his artwork looking particularly quite polished in this book.  Even though the book has essentially turned into a Jim Hammond-starring vehicle, he barely speaks a line in this issue and gets taken out with ease.  At this point in time, especially as Hammond works for SHIELD, his A.I. should have more advanced firewalls in place to prevent people from shutting him down.  It is a minor quibble, but a valid one.  The ninth issue of All-New Invaders is a fun and exciting issue and one that poses a question at the end to keep you coming back for more.

3.5 out of 5

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