Issue by Issue – Doc Savage #9 (2010, DC)

docsavage9Writer – Ivan Brandon, Brain Azzarello, Jason Starr
Artist – Nic Klein, James Harren, Scott Hampton
Inker – Nic Klein, Scott Hampton
Colours – Nic Klein, Daniel Vozzo
Letters – Rob Leigh, Sal Cipriano

Doc is having dinner with the dead when the book flashes back to how he met Ronan McKenna, the man they have come in search for.  But as the meal continues, things turn out to be not what they seem.  In the second tale featuring Justice Inc. and the Avenger, the story of vengeance against a mobster continues with Smitty finally making a decision.  Doc Savage’s tale which started out quite strong by Brian Azzarello, Ivan Brandon and Nic Klein seems to be a little drawn out at this point.  It is still far more interesting than what has come previously, but it would be great to see things wrapped up sooner rather than later.  The Justice Inc., story by Scott Hampton and Jason Starr concludes with this current installment and it is a little bittersweet knowing that it ended when it was so good.  It had the right combination of suspense, noir and mystery about it and does everything better than the Doc Savage story, even now.  Sadly, it looks as if this issue is to be the last of The Avenger’s ongoing chronicles.  While Doc Savage would go onwards for a number of issues, they would not spin the Avenger off into his own title, instead letting the character languish until the license rights would revert back.  This was a good issue with the latter story ending up better than the former which was usually the case with this book.

3 out of 5

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