Issue by Issue – All-Star Squadron #22

all-star-squadron22Writer – Roy Thomas
Penciler – Jerry Ordway
Inker – Mike Machlan
Colours – Carl Gafford
Letterer – David Cody Weiss

The Squadron, aided by the Justice Society, are on the ropes as they battle the Ultra-Humanite and her lackeys, Cyclotron and Deathbolt.  Superman is nearly ineffective in battle while Ultra holds the Powerstone, with Liberty Belle and Green Lantern not doing so well either.  Johnny Quick heads over to see Firebrand after having a little go at Tarantula and she is soon abducted by Cyclotron and taken to Ultra in Superman’s hidden mountain fortress.  Following them, Steele, Robotman and Johnny Quick engage the villains, but with Ultra possessing the Powerstone and now Thor’s hammer, she is nigh-invulnerable.  Thomas and Ordway deliver another fantastic issue with our heroes actually not getting the better of the bad guys, and being defeated quite soundly.  This issue would not be complete without some back-story on someone in the book and this time it would be the Ultra-Humanite in the spotlight, as well as the origin of the weapons she is using.  As usual, the history lesson is just as interesting as the rest of the book, and enhances the reading experience rather than taking away from it.  Jerry Ordway’s pencils look as great as ever, always being able to handle the endless amount of characters that Thomas throws at him.  It is good to see some character advancement for Firebrand over the last couple of issues, both personally and in her power set.  The same can be said of Johnny Quick as he becomes a little unbalanced with the jealousy he feels over Liberty Belle hanging out with other male members of the team.  It would be nice to see the creative team follow up on that, as it is one of the more interesting plot lines that has been going on, not to mention being something different.  Great stuff from DC, Ordway and Thomas on a book that never fails to entertain.

4 out of 5

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