Issue by Issue – Moon Knight Volume 1 #31

Moon Knight has to stop a group of local merchants and street punks from an all-out war which would be bad for not only the businesses, but everybody.  The local gang is looking to shake down everyone in the neighbourhood for protection.  The store owners are getting sick of it and when one man decides to stand up to them, things soon get out of hand.  Thankfully, Moon Knight was passing by and was able to put a stop to it.  The problem is, Moon Knight will not be there all the time and when he hears what the merchants have in mind, things are not going to end well.  Doug Moench, who is aided by Kevin Nowlan this go round, does a good job with a fairly average story that has been seen many times before.  It will be interesting to see just how Moon Knight will handle the situation, especially as he is confronted about being a vigilante when he tries to tell the store owners that there are other ways of doing things.  Being the first part of the story, next issue is sure to pick up with a few more fireworks and a bit of action to conclude the tale.  This issue also featured a second story about Moon Knight going up against an environmentalist who has gone just a bit crazed by Steve Ringgenberg and Michael Hernandez.  It too was good, but nothing really memorable or standout about it.  All in all, just a good issue, but forgettable amongst stronger ones in the run.

3 out of 5

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