Issue by Issue – Doc Savage #8 (2010, DC)

docsavage8Writer – Ivan Brandon, Brain Azzarello, Jason Starr
Artist – Nic Klein, James Harren, Scott Hampton
Inker – Nic Klein, Scott Hampton
Colours – Nic Klein, Daniel Vozzo
Letters – Rob Leigh, Sal Cipriano

Doc is still in the Middle East and still trying to accomplish the mission though many obstacles keep rearing their heads.  He has a talk with the Two Who Are One, tries to acquire a piece of equipment they need and then gets him and his men captured by a man named Sergei.  Brian Azzarello, Ivan Brandon and Nic Klein keep the action going with the latest issue with suspense and intrigue to spare.  Even though Doc is not his usual chatty self as portrayed in the first bunch of issues, he seems to have a plan and knows what he is doing.  Savage is definitely a much more imposing figure when he is silent.  The second feature of the book starring the Avenger and his compatriot known as Smitty from Justice Inc., continues the tale of vengeance against a made man in the mob who is a monster through and through if there ever were one.  The tale explores the age old theme of good versus evil, but does so with the Avenger trying to teach Smitty the difference between vengeance and murder.  Jason Starr and Scott Hampton’s noir styled pulp tale is utterly riveting from panel to panel and enough good things cannot be said about the story.  The narrative they weave really draws you in, hooking you and not wanting to let you go and when every issue ends, you immediately want to grab the next chapter to find out what happens.  Even though the lead story of the book is much improved, it still cannot hold a candle to the second.

4 out of 5

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