Mind Capsules – Avengers World #11 and Spider-Man 2099 #2

Avengers World #11

Writer – Nick Spencer
Artist – Raffaele Ienco
Colours – Andres Mossa

The Next Avengers have arrived from the future to help Maria Hill and SHIELD out of the jam they are in with AIM, who is stirring up all sorts of trouble.  To prove their point they take out Maria and her team and so, she decides they can handle themselves and off they go to take care of Andrew Forson in Barbuda, the capital city of AIM Empire.  What follows next is a plan to stop the flow of information Forson and AIM are uploading and to do that they will have to go through his forces including Graviton and Superia and then Forson himself.  Nick Spencer has been crafting a fun, long-form adventure starring not only the classic Avengers, but now the offspring of those members from the future.  Consisting of Azari T’Challa, Torunn the daughter of Thor and Sif, Henry Pym, Jr., Francis Barton and James Rogers, they turn out to be quite the formidable team and an interesting one to say the least.  What happens to them after this issue is anyone’s guess, but hopefully they stick around a little and team-up with their forbears.  The artwork by Raffaele Ienco is pretty dynamic and is unlike most of what is seen at Marvel these days.  Some of the faces could use a little work at certain times, but it is definitely a win having Ienco on the book.  In the end, though not a lot really happened except to introduce this future team, it was a fun chapter in this ongoing epic with an ending that leads us to believe there will possibly be a big showdown next issue.

4 out of 5

Spider-Man 2099 #2

Writer – Peter David
Artist – Will Sliney
Colours – Antonio Fabela

Miguel is doing his thing when he finds himself in the middle of a bank robbery.   It is a little disturbing how trouble just seems to follow him around all the time he wonders, but such is life.  He has a strange relationship with the super of his building, whose name is Tempest, as well as a strange one with his boss, Liz Allen.  It seems that he just cannot win for losing and so comes clean with Liz about himself, sort of, when she has him investigated.  And come the end of the issue, his relationship, whatever it is, with Tempest becomes a little more complicated.  Peter David writes good comics.  It has been proven time and time again and this issue is no exception.  Miguel is a straight-shooter under David’s pen and it is quite intriguing to say the least as he is not your typical superhero that is so often portrayed in the Marvel U.  There was a lot of great character building in the book, to Miguel and his supporting cast, but not a lot else and surprisingly, it worked quite well.  It was an easy, laid back type of book and actually quite fun to read.  Sliney’s artwork is nice and clean, avoiding the clutter that a lot of people like to call detail in their work and seems very fresh in its approach.  This book might not be a blockbuster, yet, but it is a very good read.

4 out of 5

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