Issue by Issue – Moon Knight Volume 1 #29

There is a full moon out and Jack Russell is being chased by some strange men in funny hats.  With a moon this full though, those men have no idea what they are in for as Russell becomes werewolf by night.  The current issue of the book seems to find a church of Satanists who are out for Russell’s blood and he needs Moon Knight’s help.  Moon Knight is a little reticent as he knows who and what Jack is, but agrees to do so.  The two of them later find out from a doctor that Jack is being tracked by a chip in his head and soon enough the moon is rising again.  Werewolf by Night and Moon Knight together in one book is a match made in heaven.  The two heroes are a good fit in more ways than one and it is a treat to see Sienkiewicz illustrating the supernatural hero.  It is great to see that Moench has decided to feature a different type of villain in the book, as the usual type of street thug, gang leader or similarly themed bad guy can always come back later for our hero to fight.  Switching things around once in a while keeps things fresh and it would be nice going forward if Moench kept shaking things up in the book for Moon Knight.  This issue also happened to feature a second story which had our hero Steven Grant having a conversation with his other personalities written by scribe Steven Grant and drawn by Kevin Nowlan.  The first tale was much better, being suspenseful and adding a nice touch of horror to the book while the second was something we would normally see, which was not terrible, just okay.  Altogether, it made for a fairly good issue.

3.5 out of 5

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