Issue by Issue – Doc Savage #7 (2010, DC)

Doc and his men are in the Middle East to find his old friend Ronan McKenna and to stop the eminent danger coming from the Forbidden Zone.  It will not be an easy task with the obstacles they face, but Savage and his compatriots are determined to get to the bottom of it.  Not a lot happens in the story, but there is a lot of action and the best part of it all is that this is the first issue where we are actually introduced to Doc’s entire supporting cast.  It is a little sad that it took seven issues for that to finally take place, but thanks to Nic Klein, Ivan Brandon and Brian Azzarello for making it happen.  The second story continues the tale of Smitty, one of the men who work for the Avenger, and the case he accepted last issue involving a bit of revenge against a man that is truly evil.  The only problem lies in Smitty’s own checkered past and should it rear its head again, then he will not only have a problem with the cops possibly, but his employer as well.  Jason Starr and Scott Hampton deliver another solid tale involving Justice Inc. and one that shifts focus from the main man to one of the supporting characters.  The story is a little dark, a little dreary, suspenseful and perfect all at the same time.  Justice Inc. has always been a solid backup in each and every issue of the Doc Savage title thus far and it is good to see that the lead story is finally catching up.  Great artwork and great stories throughout the book make it a very solid read.

4 out of 5

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