Mind Capsules – New Avengers #22 and Chastity #2

New Avengers #22

Writer – Jonathan Hickman
Artist – Kev Walker
Colours – Frank Martin

We Are Not Brothers is the story that follows up on the events of last issue with the destruction of an entire planet to preserve their own by Namor and the Illuminati.  Not too much happens except everyone playing the blame game, both themselves and each other, and trying to make sense of what they just did, trying to believe that what happened was the only way.  T’Challa is angry because he made a decision to not pull the trigger and he feels it was invalidated when Namor took things into his own hands.  Of course they come to blows and the goodwill that might have been built up between them over the last little while has now disappeared, much like the Earth they just destroyed.  Hickman delivers another emotional issue, this one not being as strong as the past few, but quite good nonetheless.  While the members of the Illuminati might be feeling guilty about what they have done, we the audience know that they will have to come back together as the incursion problem still exists.  What effect this destruction will have on their future decisions still remains to be seen, but they will most likely try to find another method so that a repeat of what happened does not do so again.  Another interesting facet will be what Captain America does to them when he returns from the future.  And what about Namor?  Will they let him join them again, if only to pull the next trigger when they are unable?   Solid stuff that leaves some questions to be answered in future issues.

4 out of 5

Chastity #2

Writer – Marc Andreyko
Artist – Dave Acosta
Colours – Thiago Ribeiro

Chastity is not doing so well as she is almost literally torn in half due to her fight with the vampire last issue who killed her family.  In the hospital, she somehow survives despite the extensive trauma she has undergone.  And while slipping in and out of consciousness she must battle Alyce, the vampire that almost killed her, for control of her mind.  Somehow she survives the psychic attack as well and upon waking in her hospital room, we see that she is becoming something different.  Chastity knows that she needs to get out of there and so where else is there to go, but home with a nice little surprise left there courtesy of Alyce.  Marc Andreyko continues the tale of Chastity in a quickly paced issue that does not waste any time in moving the story forward.  It is refreshing to see a book that knows where it wants to go and is determined to get there in a timely fashion.  There is little character development, other than her physical appearance, but the story does move forward with the introduction of a vampire council and some rumblings happening within it due to Alyce’s actions.  Not every book on the rack has to be a complicated read with various undercurrents and multiple plot lines.  Sometimes all you need is a straightforward, packed full of action and drama, horror comic.  That is exactly what you get here and so far it has been quite a fun ride.

3.5 out of 5

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